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You know when you go to a destination and you just want something cool and local to do, something that isn’t in all the guidebooks? It’s hard, sometimes, and can take forever to research and plan. We know, we’ve been there, which is why we created the Urban Adventures Treasure mApps.

Yep, you read correctly — the people behind the Best. Day. Ever. are now helping you have the Best. Stay. Ever! We’ve been developing iPhone travel guide apps for cities around the world that are going to show you the best of the best from a local perspective. The information in these apps isn’t crowd sourced or cloud sourced — it comes from locals who have lived in their respective cities for decades, and simply know what’s awesome in their city.


Amsterdam iPhone Travel App


Berlin iPhone Travel App


Florence iPhone Travel App


Hanoi iPhone Travel App


Lisbon iPhone Travel App

Los Angeles

Los Angeles iPhone Travel App


Melbourne iPhone Travel App

New York City

New York City iPhone Travel App


Paris iPhone Travel App


Philadelphia iPhone Travel App


Prague iPhone Travel App

Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro iPhone Travel App


Toronto iPhone Travel App


Venice iPhone Travel App

Each travel guide app is free (holla!) and features about 40 places that we think you absolutely must check out while in town. These apps work offline, so you don’t have to worry about wifi or data, and they use GPS to let you know when you’re nearby one of the places we recommend. We’ve also included our tour meeting points, just so you know you’re in the right spot (or to help you book if you’d like to!).

We’re constantly adding new cities to the mix, so bookmark this page and keep checking back for updates. If you’d like to download the apps, just click through the image and you’ll be taken to the iTunes store. Happy travels!

A note to Android / non-iOS users

As you may have noticed, our brand new Urban Adventures Treasure mApps are currently only available for iPhone only. Please don’t think we love you less, but we’re not in a position to be releasing apps outside iOS at the moment.

We are small business and a small team and we really want to give every one of our customers the Best. Day. Ever. in every Urban Adventures destination. We are really proud of the results so far, and think we have gone a long way to achieving this aim with our mix of online and offline tools to help achieve the perfect stay in a destination (without having to do mountains of research before you arrive). Unfortunately our budget did not stretch far enough for our Android and other non-iOS friends to experience the full suite right at this time and for that, we’re sorry.

Before going down this road, we did our research — the vast majority of mobile traffic to our site was iOS. So, we had a choice — develop amazing apps for a good proportion of our travellers, but unfortunately not be able to reach everyone, OR do nothing. We’d rather do something awesome for a lot of you, than nothing for any of you, and we hope you’re okay with that.

We also know that sorry is not enough, and that you probably want to know what we can do for you right now. Thankfully we can do something! All of the content in the apps is available through our collections on Everplaces. As well, the content of the Treasure mApps is simply an amalgamation of the absolute best places our passionate and knowledgeable local tour operators know of in their cities. You can access not only this knowledge, but similar insights that are perfectly aligned with your specific interests and tastes by joining one of our tours and asking your guides what are the best things to do in their city. You can curate and filter the questions around your own circumstances — what is the best vegetarian, kosher, or halal food here? / Who is a local up-and-coming designer whose boutique I could check out for a memorable souvenir of this city? / I’d love to go see some jazz tonight — any ideas? …whatever it is you want to know, you simply need to ask. On the off chance the guide doesn’t know themselves there’s a good chance a friend of theirs knows, or at least knows where to find out.

Plug yourself into the Urban Adventures network, have the Best. Day. Ever., and through your support we will also have the funds to make sure we get an Android version of the Treasure mApps out to you for all your future travels.

Thanks for your support and feedback, and stay tuned for updates!

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