Traveller Stories: Michelle in Delhi

Michelle from Global Jaunt recently spent some time in India, and had the chance to enjoy a home-cooked meal with a local family.

“If there are two things I love about trips, it is eating delicious foods and meeting interesting people. The Home Cooked Delhi┬átour┬áprovided both, and then some! While learning how to make traditional Indian foods, I got the chance to learn about life for an average Indian family. As I rolled out the chapatti dough, I heard stories about tradition, culture, and the modern way of life. Having the chance to share a meal with her family was the icing on the cake!”

A local shows Michelle how it's done.

A local shows Michelle how it’s done.

Delicious homemade creations!

Delicious homemade creations!


Urban Adventures. Quite simply, the Best. Day. Ever.

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