Buenos Aires Day Tours, with a local

Get in touch with your passionate side in one of the best places of Earth for it – Buenos Aires. No Argentina travel experience is complete without taking in the simply gorgeous sights and sounds of the nation’s capital, and on one of our Buenos Aires tours, you’ll feel all of this and more as you explore the city with a local. Tango, steak, and awesome neighbourhoods - enough said? Thought so.

Tango Dancers
Location: Argentina - Buenos Aires
Length: 3 hours
From USD 44.00

  • Experience Buenos Aires’ tango scene like a local
  • Discover tango in Buenos Aires through historical venues and modern hotspots
  • Get to know the famous San Telmo district, where tango comes to life
  • Explore the footsteps of tango throughout time and place
  • Immerse yourself in the atmospheric live dancing at Plaza Dorrego

Delicious Argentinian Empanadas
Location: Argentina - Buenos Aires
Length: 3 hours
From USD 77.00

  • Experience real Argentinian cuisine
  • Explore the best food spots in Recoleta
  • Savour the dishes Argentina is famous for, including empanadas and steak
  • Discover the local restaurants you’ll be sure to return to

 Malbec Trail of Palermo
Location: Argentina - Buenos Aires
Length: 3 hours
From USD 96.00

  • Learn about the origins of Argentine wine and how the locals drink it, with tips from your own local wine connoisseur
  • Slip into a hidden cellar for a wine tasting session with a side of picada (Argentinian tapas plate)
  • Get a true local’s perspective on Argentina’s wine industry, from cultivation through to processing and bottling
  • Relax over a cup of coffee in one of the city’s coolest, and weirdest, cafés 

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