Charlotte Day Tours, with a local

Get down to some good old fashioned southern fun on a Charlotte tour with a local guide. We'll share Charlotte's history and architecture, from our pre-Revolutionary War era to our hip urban culture, taking in the sights, sounds, tastes, and plenty of other things to do in Charlotte. For the curious, yes, these tours do include mouth-watering fried food. Reason enough to join, we’d say. 

Charlotte NC Taste & Cycle Tour

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Location: USA - Charlotte
Length: 2 hours
From USD 67.00

  • Bike through Charlotte with a local guide
  • Eat your way around the city's most beautiful neighbourhoods
  • Nibble on fried chicken, pickles, and calamari, as well as some traditional southern cornbread
  • Discover why the Food Network has featured so many of Charlotte's food stops
  • Check out some on Charlotte's grandest homes and the city's gorgeous architecture

Charlotte NC Southern Food Tour
Location: USA - Charlotte
Length: 4 hours
From USD 78.00

  • Eat and bike your way through Charlotte with a local
  • Get into the southern way of life with plenty of gut-busting southern food
  • Burn off those calories with a bike ride through Charlotte's most lively neighbourhoods
  • Discover one of Charlotte's best local haunts - a 24-hour French bakery!

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Mr. Matthew M.
26 Sep 2012
Richard was a great tour guide, very knowledgeable, and I had so much fun. My husband was grumbling about this, but I think he had more fun that I did and wants to go on some of the other tours!

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