Istanbul Day Tours, with a local

Constantinople, Stamboul, Istanbul - a city that straddles both east and west, and a city so fascinating that many travellers find it hard to leave. Travel to Istanbul to discover those exotic and mystical things that dazzle travellers year on year, from the fabulous Istanbul food, incredible skylines dotted with minarets, and the breathtaking sight of sunset over Europe from the Bosphorus.

Home Cooked Istanbul tour in Istanbul

Based on 9 user ratings
Location: Turkey - Istanbul
Length: 4 hours
From USD 44.06

  • Enjoy a meal with a local family in Istanbul and learn about the cultural customs
  • Take a stroll through Sultanahmet
  • Learn the secrets of the locals' favourite games and pastimes
  • Enjoy the national beverage in a teahouse
  • Try a Turkish waterpipe
  • Chat informally with a locals and learn what its like to live in modern day Turkey

Hidden Istanbul tour in Istanbul

Based on 14 user ratings
Location: Turkey - Istanbul
Length: 4 hours
From USD 28.25

  • Discover the secret haunts of locals in Sultanahmet and explore the backstreets and hidden gems
  • Visit the architecturally fascinating Sokullu Mehmet Pasa Mosque, famous for its large quantities of İznik tiles 
  • Wander into a hidden han and observe workmen at their craft
  • Explore the labyrinth that is the Grand Bazaar
  • Explore the Suleymaniye Mosque with a local and gain insight into Islam
  • Be stunned by stellar views of Istanbul and hear tales of both Byzantine and Ottoman drama and intrigue.

Old & New Istanbul tour in Istanbul

Based on 10 user ratings
Location: Turkey - Istanbul
Length: 3.5 hours
From USD 39.54

  • Rub shoulders with modern Turks in their stomping ground of Taksim
  • Try a Islak Burger from the famous Kızılkayalar Bufe
  • Get an insight into the history of modern Turkey
  • Take the perfect shot of 19th century architecture
  • Visit a grand church just off the bustling Istiklal Street
  • Have a Turkish fortune teller predict your future over an authentic Turkish coffee
  • Discover a fish market in the middle of town

Summer fruits in Istanbul

Based on 8 user ratings
Location: Turkey - Istanbul
Length: 3.5 hours
From USD 39.54

  • Eat like a local and sample delicious Turkish cuisine from trusted street stalls while learning about Istanbul’s unique food culture
  • Experience the bustling markets of the Spice Bazaar and see how Turkish delight is made
  • Cross continents with a ferry ride across the Bosphorus to Asia
  • Take a stroll along the scenic waterfront of Üsküdar
  • Check out a hidden view of the Maiden’s Tower while enjoying a traditional Turkish tea and Turkish delight

 Istanbul Conquered

Based on 2 user ratings
Location: Turkey - Istanbul
Length: 9 hours
From USD 79.09

  • Visit the mesmerising ancient site of Hagia Sophia and marvel at this masterpiece of Byzantium history
  • Take in the majestic Blue Mosque and learn about the delicate, intricate work that makes up this world-famous site
  • Listen to colourful stories of sultans at Topkapi Palace and explore all the site’s ancient treasures
  • Enjoy a tasty Turkish lunch with locals in a hidden café
  • Haggle with local vendors and get lost in the labyrinth of alleys that make up the famous Grand Bazaar

 Istanbul Night Tasting Trail
Location: Turkey - Istanbul
Length: 3 hours
From USD 84.74

  • Eat delicious Turkish street food just like the locals do, tasting from the best food carts, street cafés, and other secret spots
  • Visit a traditional tavern, known as a meyhane, and sample the Turkish alcoholic drink of choice, raki
  • Hang out with locals in-the-know and enjoy a beer or Turkish coffee in a backstreet urban café
  • Stroll through hidden alleyways and learn about the unique food culture of this ancient city that borders both Europe and Asia

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Mr. Sascha W.
08 Jan 2015
Niche tour with Iskender despite aweful wheather. Thanks for this experience
Ms. Brigitte H.
13 Nov 2014
after Nairobi, Istanbul was my second urban adventure. an excellent way to get shown around by a 'real' local, small groups (in fact we were lucky to be the only ones in the group)and no queueing for tickets as our guide had prepared everything
Ms. Prudence M.
02 Nov 2014
The perfect way to see a city.
Mr. Rowan S.
30 Sep 2014
Erkan was an outstanding guide.
Mr. Giuseppe Q.
29 Jul 2014
Un modo diverso ma vero di conoscere altre culture, modi di vivere. Un grazie davvero alla nostra guida Fathy che con estremo tatto cortesia ci ha condotto in casa di Bedia, una semplice ma dolcissima mamma turca. E' stata l'esperienza più bella fatta durate il mio soggiorno ad Istanbul. E' un tour assolutamente da non perdere.
Mr. Jack F.
28 Jun 2014
great guides
Ms. Hilary B.
United Kingdom
22 Jun 2014
This was a fantastic experience! We loved getting to know the city this way and saw and learned so much more that we could have ever done on our own.
Mr. Michael B.

10 Jun 2014
Guide was very good and took time to answer questions and explain things. Liked the easy going style. Did not like going to the ? Haglis? Smoking cafe after the meal Did not want to smoke at all or sit in smoke filled room. Suggest you check if people want to do this I did not.
Ms. Sharon O.
07 Jun 2014
Burak was a great guide around Istanbul. It also turned out he was the guide on the Intrepid tour i was starting the next day so i got to enjoy his knowledge and expertise for the next 18 days.
Mr. Gregory R.
07 Jun 2014
Emir was amazing. Great knowledge & amazing sites, He is definitely an asset to the company. I would definitely tell everyone to take a tour with Urban Adventures

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