Johannesburg Day Tours, with a local

Explore the colourful capital of South Africa with a local guide, from the diverse culture, its turbulent history, and the fascinating daily life of the Joburg locals. From cycling in Johannesburg through the infamous Soweto, to wandering the city by foot, no matter what your preferred means of transport may be, Urban Adventures has got you covered. 

Cycle Soweto, Johannesburg tour

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Location: South Africa - Johannesburg
Length: 5-6 hours
From USD 100.33

  • Discover the real Soweto through its rich history and cultural diversity
  • Cycle the colourful streets and experience the vibrant atmosphere of the city of gold
  • Ride down Vilakazi Street and past the sites of the 1976 student uprisings
  • Enjoy the atmosphere of a local Soweto shebeen bar over a drink and a game of pool

Jozi by Foot, Johannesburg tour
Location: South Africa - Johannesburg
Length: 5 hours
From USD 64.54

  • Explore Johannesburg the best way we know – by foot!
  • Discover multicultural South Africa through the artwork of Ghandi Square
  • Admire sweeping views of the city from the top of the Carlton Centre
  • Encounter the indigenous practices, exotic offerings, and rich artefacts of a traditional healing market
  • See where history and modernity collide in Johannesburg, and learn about the city then and now.

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Ms. Katie B.
10 Aug 2014
This trip gave me a new perspective and appreciation for all that Johannesburg has to offer, and I really enjoyed exploring Soweto on a pushbike.
Ms. Stella B.
21 Feb 2013
I loved. And I'm a terrible cyclist and the guides waited me and were very pacient. They showed us everything and talked about the most important events. Amazing experience.

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