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LA. Home to dreamers, fortune seekers, and celebrities. Millions of visitors are drawn to LA by the star power of Hollywood, the glitz and glamour of Beverly Hills, and the iconic palm trees and sunny beaches of Santa Monica and Malibu, but thereʼs much more to the City of Angels. Let our team of local experts introduce you to the hidden treasures of LA's history and lifestyle on a Los Angeles tour you'll never forget!

Los Angeles, City of Angels, city of movie stars, the city that still draws dreamers and fortune seekers. Sure, millions of visitors are drawn by the star power of Hollywood, the glitz of Beverly Hills and the sunny beaches, but there is much more to LA. Our Los Angeles Urban Adventures team will not only share those standard sites, we’ll show you LA’s insider spots very few tourists find. Whether it’s meeting a local artist, browsing the offbeat shops, exploring local parks, or cruising the beachfront on bike, we’ll make your Los Angeles experience memorable.

Stars and Bars tour

Based on 4 user ratings
Location: USA - Los Angeles
Length: 3 hours
From USD 69.00

  • Explore the pubs, dive bars and restaurants of Hollywood’s Golden Age
  • Linger at bars once frequented by Charlie Chaplin, Marilyn Monroe and Ernest Hemingway
  • Strike up conversation with locals over a signature drink
  • Chance a meeting with a celebrity ghost, or maybe catch a live celebrity at a Hollywood red carpet event

Colorful Korean Salads

Based on 8 user ratings
Location: USA - Los Angeles
Length: 3.5 to 4 hours
From USD 85.00

  • Taste sweet and savory foods from Koreatown, Little Armenia and Thai Town
  • Experience the culture and learn the history of these diverse neighborhoods
  • Admire ornate historic architecture and get a glimpse of the Hollywood Sign
  • Take part in real East Hollywood life with a ride on a local bus

Beverly Hills

Based on 1 user ratings
Location: USA - Los Angeles
Length: 3 hours
From USD 69.00

  • Discover the quirks and icons of legendary Rodeo Drive
  • Hit up the world-famous Sprinkles Cupcakes for a little sweet fix
  • Nibble on treats from beloved local gourmet shops
  • Balance yummy food with brain food and explore a unique media museum
  • Learn about the history, gardens, and architecture of Beverly Hills
  • Check out an impressive family-owned art gallery (with Rembrandts and Dalis!)

Latte Time

Based on 1 user ratings
Location: USA - Los Angeles
Length: 2.5 hours to 3 hours
From USD 65.00

  • Kick off your morning with a coffee at a local café and enjoy some fascinating people-watching
  • Take in an expansive view of Los Angeles from the famous Runyon Canyon
  • Visit a members-only community garden oasis hidden in Hollywood’s hills
  • Get the inside scoop on Hollywood’s lesser-known historic sites and homes

Los Angeles Private Tour
Location: USA - Los Angeles
Length: TBD
From USD 35.00

  • Taste exotic flavours in the city’s ethnic neighbourhoods
  • Adventure off the beaten path in Beverly Hills
  • Discover the stars and bars of historic Hollywood
  • Go behind the scenes to experience Hollywood like a local
  • Explore the city’s vibrant flea markets, farmers markets, and trading posts
  • Take in live music at LA's outdoor & local venues


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Ms. Deborah F.
30 Jul 2014
Summer was terrific as a guide. i had a great afternoon with lots of fun and new experiences
Ms. Joyce C.

26 Feb 2014
Summer was a great guide, very easy going and knowledgeable. There were just three of us on the tour so we had plenty of time to talk to her and learn more about the places we visited.
Michael O.
21 Aug 2013
We thoroughly enjoyed our tour. The only comment we would offer is that it was a bit too long. We would have deleted the last two stops. We were all pretty tired by then and certainly stuffed! But very generous to give us so much for such a small fee. We live here so we now have all these great new places to go! We will definitely do more!
Ms. Cynthia R.

11 Aug 2013
This was a birthday surprise. We have never done this before and we enjoyed it. Summer was our guide and she was awesome. I liked all of the history that Summer gave us along our tour. She gave us info on the city, the cultures that we were experiencing, and a little background on the owners of the restaurants we visited. We even got to meet a few of the owners. We booked the Ethnic Neighborhoods. I couldn't wait to tell my friends and family about this surprise. I even told a salesperson at Sports Chalet about it. I gave her the website to look at. Thank you Summer!!!!
Ms. Kathie K.

26 Jul 2013
Summer was an excellent tour guide. She effortlessly led us around the city and knew a great deal about the areas we were visiting. Although we never felt rushed, she finished exactly when she was supposed to. We were very impressed with the whole tour. I saw this tour on Groupon and it looked like fun, so I invited three of my friends to go. We'd do it again in a heartbeat!
Ms. Laurie L.
24 Jul 2013
A really interesting and informative tour, not to mention all the wonderful food-sampling. It was more food than expected and the restaurants were all very clean and nice.
Ms. Tracie L.

08 Jul 2013
I'm not really a bar person but my friend wanted me take this tour with her, and I had an absolutely wonderful time! We learned about some wonderful off the beaten path bars. Some were upscale, others were comfy locals only type places, but all had rich Hollywood history. Our guide was knowledgeable, funny, and made everything comfortable and easy for our group.
Mr. Margaret C.
04 Jul 2013
Brilliant trip - like walking round with a friend. Summer really friendly and made it such fun.
Ms. Betsy R.
18 Jun 2013
It was one of the best tours I have been on. I was the only one who signed up for the tour and they still proceeded with the tour. Summer my guide was wonderful. Very knowledgeable and enthusiastic. She took me places that I had only heard about and had never seen. I learned a lot about my own backyard. I think most locals feel that they know their city but that is not true there is so much to learn and this tour taught me more then I ever expected.I would definitely recommend this tour. Honestly, sign up as quickly as you can. You will not be sorry.
Ms. Lenore D.
05 Jun 2013
I had another great tour with Summer!! She was very entertaining, knowledgeable and answered all of our questions. We laughed and had a great time! The best part of the tour was eating spicy Thai soup, so incredible! I would love to go on another tour with Summer!

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