Tokyo Day Tours, with a local

Tokyo may as well be the definition of the word ‘city’. The monumental capital of Japan is teeming with life, and if you don’t have a local to show you round you’ll probably miss most of it. Visit Tokyo with Urban Adventures to discover a slice of live in this mega-metropolis, and discover what it’s like to live in Tokyo. We’re especially infatuated with the cuisine, so if you’re foodie, pay attention!

Tokyo After 5, Tokyo tour

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Location: Japan - Tokyo
Length: 3 hours
From USD 100.61

  • Make like a local and savour legendary, iconic Tokyo flavours and dishes
  • Devour yakitori (skewered BBQ chicken) at a street yakitori bar
  • Enjoy Monja-yaki in the neighbourhood where it originated -MonjaTown (Tsukishima)
  • Indulge in tai-yaki, a favourite Japanese sweet
  • Experience the clash of decades in the nostalgic atmosphere of modern, downtown Tokyo

Tokyo Private Tour, Tokyo tour

Based on 1 user ratings
Location: Japan - Tokyo
Length: Up to you!

  • Taste authentic local cuisine and visit the Tsukiji fish market — the largest seafood market in the world
  • Learn about the traditional martial art of Aikido (and maybe test out a few moves yourself!)
  • Visit the sumo training stables and learn about this fascinating sport
  • Go on a family adventure and experience the child-friendly sites of Tokyo
  • Explore the artistic side of Tokyo with an arts and culture-themed tour

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Ms. Alice W.
10 Jan 2015
Fantastic way to experience a taste of Tokyo and to try dishes you may not have had the opportunity to try on your own. We thoroughly enjoyed the tour, ate some delicious food and went places .in Tokyo we wouldn't have gone to without someone to lead us. We totally recommend the tour!
Ms. Heather M.
11 Dec 2014
It was an absolutely amazing tour! Meg was so great and accommodating and the food was absolutely delicious! Highly highly recommend to people visiting Tokyo!
Ms. Michelle L.
11 Nov 2014
Sylvia was a fantastic guide. We felt like we were having dinner with a friend. We learnt so much about Japanese food as well! Thank you!
Ms. Emma C.
22 Jun 2014
Meg our guide was fantastic! She showed us some really cool places to eat and we had a great time. Definitely do it again.
Ms. Jessica C.
06 Apr 2014
If you are wanting to be introduced to the behind the scenes culture of Japan and discover some places you have never seen before this is the best tour to do it with! It really opens your eyes for resturants to check out for the rest of your trip.
Ms. Fiona M.
10 Mar 2014
I had a fantastic time on the Tokyo After 5 tour and would recommend it to anyone travelling to Tokyo. My guide Caroline was really knowledgable about Japanese culture and explained all about the food we were eating. We had a great time laughing with the waiters and enjoying the atmosphere in each restaurant. The Yakitori was my favourite - one of the best meals I had in Japan. Thanks Caroline and Urban Adventures!
Natasha C.
05 Mar 2014
We thought we were discovering Tokyo but it quickly became apparent we had only been skimming the surface - our guide took us where the 'real' magic happens, walkways down under railway arches we definitely wouldn't have found ourselves to hidden treasures. We thoroughly enjoyed the food, the company, and the cultural experience.
Mr. Derek D.
28 Dec 2013
Meg (our guide), was the best guide we have every had in any tour we have done before. She is fantastic. Regards, Derek
Ms. Kristien V.
02 Dec 2013
Lovely tour guide, really personable, patient, informative. Had a great time with a nice bunch of people. Restaurants we were taken to were clean and the food delicious.
Mr. Keith V.
17 Nov 2013
This was a brilliant experience. Kiri is an amazing ambassador for Japan. We would gladly do this tour again, it was one of the highlights of our whole trip.

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