Traveller stories: Brianna in Costa Rica

Traveller stories: Brianna in Costa Rica

Walking along a bridge through the cloud forest in Costa Rica

Photo by Milk + Honey Travels

Each traveller has such an individual style of travel. We asked @briannaglenn from Milk + Honey Travels, to share her travel style with us, and picked her brain for some tips about one of her favourite trips, to Costa Rica.

With a career as a professional athlete (track and field for over 10 years!), she has a great way of balancing relaxation with experiences that keep her moving.

Girl with a pina colada in Costa Rica

Photo by Milk + Honey Travels

“When you’re on vacation, have fun. Let loose. Consume sugar. I would never drink such a concoction at home, but for some reason, a tropical destination calls for a tropical-looking drink! However, everything in moderation. It’s all about balancing your usual healthy habits with a bit of indulgence. I usually suggest splurging on one meal per day, and choosing between drinking your dessert and eating it.”

Cup of coffee and a hammock in Costa Rica

Photo by Milk + Honey Travels

“When in Costa Rica, drink coffee and drink lots of it. Locals will enjoy a cafecito with their friends and family during the day, which usually is a cup of coffee or two paired with some pastries or snacks. Since it’s always a good idea to experience a country like a local, I highly recommend you do the same!”

Paddleboarding in Costa Rica

Photo by Milk + Honey Travels

“Stand-up paddleboarding is my new favourite way to do a core workout while on vacation… and believe me, it IS a core workout! The Gulf of Papagayo in the Guanacaste region of Costa Rica is the ideal place to go for pristine beaches — and the water here will be calm enough to stay up on your board.”

Rainbow over the landscape in Costa Rica

Photo by Milk + Honey Travels

“The rainforests in Costa Rica stay so lush and green because of an obvious factor: it rains a lot. But don’t let that deter you from visiting during “green season” (May to mid-December). In my opinion, it’s one of the best times to visit and see the country at its most vibrant (and with less tourists). Each part of the country has different weather patterns, so keep that in mind when deciding what area to visit and when. For example, the Pacific beach regions are known to have an hour or two of afternoon showers but warm and sunny mornings. This means you have a built-in nap time every afternoon, or simply a great time to relax with a book and another cup of Costa Rican coffee.”

Girl meditating in an infinity pool in Costa Rica

Photo by Milk + Honey Travels

“My best travel memories are those when I felt closest to nature and truly at peace. These moments are easily found in this beautiful country. Be sure to seek them out and create space between your adventures to just be at peace. If you allow it, Costa Rica is a destination that speaks to your soul.”

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