20 mistakes you’ll make in Southeast Asia

20 mistakes you’ll make in Southeast Asia

It’s the familiar refrain of the experienced traveller, ‘If only I knew then what I know now.’ Landing in a foreign place, we always wish we had that local insight and seasoned wisdom that comes from spending a lot of time there (and making a lot of mistakes).

But one thing you start to realise, particularly when travelling in Southeast Asia, is that mistakes are often the best bits. They’ll give you the best stories, the funniest anecdotes (the ones that always begin with ‘Remember that time when…’).

So, since its our job to dispense travel wisdom far and wide, we thought we’d present the 20 mistakes you’ll probably make when travelling to Southeast Asia. They’re not always fun at the time (see: food poisoning), but you do learn to love them in the end (you’ll have to trust us on this).

1. When you forget to close the mosquito netting


2. When you see a suspicious chicken dish (and eat it anyway)


3. When you order ‘spicy beef’ on the menu because you once ate a chili and it went okay


4. When you hire a scooter…


… having never ridden one before


5. When cocktail buckets seem like a good idea


6. When it really feels like you nailed karaoke


7. When you see a show that can’t be unseen


8. When you think sunscreen is for chumps


9. When you challenge a local barman to a game of pool


10. When you think you’re good at haggling


11. When you drink too much mango lassi


12. When you think paying in thousands of local currency makes you rich


13. When you think you look good in that Singha singlet top


14. When you feed one monkey on the beach, and it quickly escalates into a scene from Jumanji


15. When your phone dies, and you realise you have no idea how to get home or navigate by the moon or stars


16. When you first understand that with great beaches come great crowds


17. When you underestimate those tiny clouds on the horizon


18. When your five minute pre-beach workout doesn’t turn as many heads as you thought it would


19. When you select ‘advanced’ white water rafting because you saw Bear Grylls do it once


20. When you try to speak a local language for the first time


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