TripAdvisor gives us a pat on the back

June 24, 2018
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Bec Pickett
Marketing Specialist @
Urban Adventures

The TripAdvisor ‘Certificate of Excellence’ is the equivalent of receiving a gold star on your homework from your favourite teacher after weeks of study. Or the ‘MVP’ award from your respected football coach after months of training. Or finally collecting the honourable Eagle Scout badge after years of orienteering. A pat on the back for doing the right thing and for being the best.

This year over 40 of our destinations have received the illustrious Certificate of Excellence honouring travel businesses that consistently deliver great service to their customers, and receive great reviews in return. Proof that our passionate local guides are always providing our travellers with the Best. Day. Ever. 

Congratulations to our teams in Athens, Bali, Beijing, Bucharest, Budapest, Cairo, Crete, Delhi, Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, Havana, Hoi An, Hong Kong, Krakow, Kyoto, Los Angeles, Lisbon, Lucca, Mallorca, Miami, Moscow, New York City, Paris, Philadelphia, Phnom Penh, Prague, Rio de Janeiro, San Francisco, San Jose, Siem Reap, Singapore, Tokyo, Valencia, Venice, Vilnius and Washington D.C.

And if that’s not impressive enough Rio, Delhi, Tokyo, Kyoto, Philly, Florence & Paris all entered the distinguished ‘Hall of Fame’ meaning they received Certificates of Excellence five years in a row!

Something we’ll be sure to tell the grand-kids about.