The best souvenir I ever bought was…

The best souvenir I ever bought was…

We recently asked our travellers about the best souvenirs they had picked up on their travels. And the answers were hilarious, cool, charming, precious and sometimes a little weird…

Vintage records, a handcrafted kaleidoscope, an alpaca jumper from Peru, an ogre mask, a good ol’ bottle of hot sauce from New Zealand, a rickshaw (seriously?!), a giant leather dream-catcher, a hand-carved pig, a cheongsam for a friend’s wedding, a Medieval axe, a ukulele from Hawaii, a moose oven-mit, a set of bagpipes (excess baggage, much?), a Tunisian hookah pipe, a birdcage, an unfinished piece of cloth from Vietnam, a handmade chessboard from Indonesia, kangaroo balls key-ring, canned beaver from Canada, wire elephants, a coconut shucker from Samoa (yeah! who knew?), mosaic lamps, real-life boyfriends, a yak shawl, papyrus, engagement rings (aaaw), an inscribed grain of rice, a clay house from Morocco, a human-eating fork (yup, you read that right!), a shrunken head (yep, that too…), an old-style map of New York, custom-fit leather velvet thongs (the Australian type — we’re confused too), a handmade walking stick from Rajasthan, a tiny pin from the Camino de Santiago, an analogue camera from a flea market in Krakow, a colourful purse from Nepal, a vintage ring from the markets in Havana and memories, sweet memories.

woman playing a ukulele

What’s the coolest souvenir you ever brought home? | Photo via Unsplash

We don’t necessarily endorse all of these, but if you’re chasing a cool, unusual and socially responsible travel trinket to take home on your next trip, then check out our new line of Made In tours happening now in 22 cities around the globe. The Made In line-up not only offers you the chance to find unique and quirky souvenirs on your travels, but to also learn about authentic local arts, crafts and design, and showcases unusual, local, socially conscious artists, designers and craftspeople.

You can shop for jewellery that’s been made from old coins by refugees living in Delhi; browse for handmade instruments in Santo Domingo; learn about the different types of Polish ceramics in a Krakow pottery shop; buy handmade quilts from Pennsylvania’s Amish country; discover a Melbourne comic book store where books are hand-drawn on-site; purchase artwork made from recycled metal and designed by disadvantaged locals in Amsterdam; or even get inked at a Jerusalem tattoo shop that’s been in business for over 700 years. Now that’s a lasting souvenir!

Oh, and for our recent competition with Qatar airways, the winning souvenir we picked was: “A legionnaires hat, bought in Borneo as a joke and which I now wear at least three times a week.”

Watch to see what treasures you can find on a Made In tour!

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  • Colin Svanberg#1

    January 18, 2018

    So, which souvenir was judged the winner?

    • Tammy Burns#2

      January 19, 2018

      Hey Colin! “A legionnaires hat, bought in Borneo as a joke and which I now wear at least three times a week.” We’ve updated the blog post to include that!


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