Where to watch World Cup 2018 in Vienna

Where to watch World Cup 2018 in Vienna

While Austria may not have made the World Cup, the city of spies boasts many communities from every corner of the globe. Which means whatever your team, you’ll find the crowd you need to help cheer on your favourite soccer team!

Here’s where you can watch the 2018 World Cup in Vienna.

The lovely city of Vienna | Image credit Pixabay

The City

In bad weather (or extreme heat) it’s easy to retreat to any of the many pubs scattered across Vienna’s city centre.  With most pubs taking reservations, they offer a guaranteed seat and are set up to cover the demands of World Cup games.

Popular favourites for crowds in Vienna’s city centre include:

Flanagans Irish Pub is ideal for both cheering on (or against!) the English, and early morning games with a full Irish breakfast in front of you. Schwarzenberg Strasse 1–3, 1010

Head to Shebeens International Pub for Sunday games with a steak, fellow French supporters and the pub’s happy hours between 4pm and 6pm. Lerchenfelder Strasse 45, 1070

Charlie P’s
Charlie P’s Pub and Kitchen has multiple screens, burgers and serves a large and diverse range of craft beers. Währinger Strasse 3, 1090

Highlander Scottish Pub 
Visit the Highlander Scottish Pub for a more intimate location, or if you’re a serious fan who wants to really observe the game. Garnisongasse 3, 1090

Note that it’s always worth double-checking all their opening hours — especially if you’re hoping to catch an early World Cup game.

WUK Official FM4 Public Screening
WUK is the official screening venue of one of Austria’s most loved radio broadcasters. Watch the game surrounded by a great atmosphere, where there will also be DJs for the afterparty. WUK broadcasts the biggest World Cup matches live, which means there’s a chance to be on radio — or the very least, your cheering could be.

Get outside and catch a game (and the street art) in Vienna’s Donaukanal | Photo credit Pixabay

The Canal

It’s summer and let’s be honest, when you can’t physically be at a World Cup game, the second best option has got to be the outdoor big screen, cocktail-in-hand. The Viennese love the outdoors and as the weather heats up, they flock to anywhere that can afford them the luxury of sitting and sipping spritzers in the sun.

As central as it gets, the canal is the main artery of the city in the summer. The central stretch acts as sports ground, chill-out spot, eating-out spot and this summer, screening spot. Even if you have no interest in football, it is the place to be.

Strandbar Hermann
Probably the most popular of the canal haunts, and definitely one of the veterans of the scene. Each game will be screened here. Strandbar Hermann also offers breakfast on weekends for the early kick-offs. They have a full programme of DJs, a couple of bars serving a variety of food and drinks, and enough deck chairs to satisfy even the largest group of supporters.

They may not be showing the early kick-offs, but Summerstage is a popular spot for the weekday matches. Easily accessible and with five different restaurants, it is the perfect place for enjoying a sit-down meal and the game after work (or refuelling and recharging after a hard day of sightseeing in Vienna).

Vienna offers easy access to beautiful woodland and is dotted with parks for nature-loving residents. So it only seems right to include one venue that is a little bit further out (but still easily accessible) and more outdoorsy.

Aspern Nord
While it is a public screening, the set-up here is more that of a mini-festival, with food trucks and drinks stands. After the World Cup, Aspern Nord will return to its usual summer practice as an outdoor cinema — which means that when it comes to outdoor viewing and pleasing large groups, they have it down.

Honourable Mentions & Interesting Locations

These next ones are worth keeping an eye on. The locations may not advertise they are showing specific World Cup games, but they have done so in the past.

Badeschiff Wien is a floating swimming pool, five-a-side pitch and bar. It may show some evening World Cup matches while offering you the chance to play a little and swim a little before settling down to watch the game.

What once used to be stables for the race course nearby has since turned into an artistic colony offering a wide range of events from markets to weird hippy festivals. Instagrammable as they come, Creau is a unique spot, great for families as their screenings seem to be tied to their hugely diverse events.

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