30 things you should experience in Europe

April 02, 2019
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Urban Adventures

It’s impossible to ever grow-out of Europe. You may have experienced a flurry of European capitals on a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it, blurry-eyed coach tour in your early 20’s, then perhaps ventured back a few years later for a more adventurous solo trip through The Balkans, and maybe you were invited to your old London flatties’ fancy destination wedding in the foothills of the Dolomites before eventually graduating to week-long city stays, opting for quality over quantity, in chic Airbnbs in favour of budget hostels and overnight buses.

Yet no matter what your reason to venture to Europe is these days, the one thing that keeps travellers coming back for more is the rich, local experiences on offer. Which is why we’ve come up with a pass that’s choc-full of just those. Our new Europe Multi-City Explorer Pass gives you 30 days of unlimited Urban Adventures, across 50 European cities, for one low price.

So, to paint a neo-classic picture for you, we’ve compiled a list of the 30 things everyone should experience in Europe… all of which you can do on an Urban Adventures Europe Multi-City Explorer Pass! 30 days. Unlimited adventures? Let’s go!

  1. See iconic landmarks – London, UK
  2. Go shopping– London, UK
  3. Learn stories of immigration  – Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  4. Eat the cheese, all of it – Paris, France
  5. Ditch the crowds and go hiking – San Sebastian, Spain
  6. Tuck into tapas! – Madrid, Spain
  7. Check out the street art – Valencia, Spain
  8. Skip the lines – Mallorca, Spain
  9. Adventure on two wheels – Lucca, Italy
  10. Take a cheese-making class – Rome, Italy
  11. You’ve GOT to get your pop-culture on – Dubrovnik, Croatia
  12. Get snap-happy on a photography tour – Athens, Greece
  13. Tour a city by twilight – Athens, Greece
  14. Be ruined… in the best way – Athens, Greece
  15. Explore a vineyard – Crete, Greece
  16. Be healed by nature – Crete, Greece
  17. Go home… home cooked that is! Istanbul, Turkey
  18. Savour breakfast with a local – Sofia, Bulgaria
  19. Go alternative – Bucharest, Romania
  20. Learn about the history of communism – Brasov, Romania
  21. Sample local brews – Budapest, Hungary
  22. Explore a castle – Budapest, Hungary
  23. Hear secrets from a local – Bratislava, Slovakia
  24. Take a boat ride on the river – Bratislava, Slovakia
  25. Enjoy freshly roasted coffee – Vienna, Austria
  26. Discover local markets – Krakow, Poland
  27. Admire the architecture – Prague, Czech Republic
  28. Get political – Berlin, Germany