How to keep cool in Warsaw during the summer

July 11, 2019
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Karolina Walizkach

Hot town, summer in the city – oh yes! Despite the high temperatures you can still have the best.day.ever in the Polish capital in July and August. Check out our guide Karolina’s top tips on how to cool down in Warsaw town…

Kick back at the Vistula River beach

Sunbathers enjoying the river beach in Warsaw

Chill out at one of the many beaches along the pretty Vistula river. Photo credit: Warsaw Urban Adventures

It’s such a relief during the summer months to have a river flowing through the city. And Vistula is the only great European river that hasn’t been regulated with concrete canals. Local’s know how lucky they are to have it, so they utilise the river to the max. In summertime:

  • Go jogging or ride a bike along the river in the shade of the riverside forest (right bank of the river); you can rent one of our city bikes (electric bikes, children’s bikes and even tandem bikes are all available).
  • Go skating or enjoy lunch along the boulevards (left bank of the river)
  • Spend some quality time sunbathing or having a picnic with your friends
  • Rent a kayak and cruise along the river; kayaks are free every Saturday and Sunday during the summer from noon at Plaża Romantyczna (just message Na.Kajak.com week before).
  • Take a scenic boat ride with Rejsy Po Wiśle
  • Visit one of the beaches along the river. At each of these beaches you will find a blue shack where you can rent (for free!) sun beds, board games, children’s toys etc (open every day in July and August). Our favourite beaches include: Poniatówka (Wybrzeże Szczecińskie near Most Poniatowskiego, Praska Rusałka (Wybrzeże Helskie – 1.5km – from Most Gdański to Most Śląsko-Dąbrowski), Żoliborz (north from Gdański Bridge)

Cool down in a water curtain or fountain

The coolest way is of course to run or ride right through them! Some of our most lovely fountains can be found along the Vistula Boulevards. Check out Castle Square at Plac Zamkowy, Krakowskie Przedmieście next to the Nicolaus Copernicus Monument, Three Crosses Square on Plac Trzech Krzyży, Constitution Square on Plac Konstytucji, Parade Square at Plac Defilad, Floriańska street, Nowy Świat Street next to Smolna street and Hoover Square.

Drink plenty of tap water

Water fountain in Warsaw

Fill your re-usable bottle with fresh tap water at one of these fountains that you’ll see dotted all over the city. Photo credit: Warsaw Urban Adventures

More and more taps are appearing on the streets of Warsaw. The tap water is 100% drinkable and rather tasty. You can refill your bottle in the public places such as:

  • Nowy Świat Street (next to de Gaulle’a Roundabout)
  • Dąbrowskiego Square(Dąbrowskiego Square)
  • Plac Teatralny (Theatre Square)
  • Trzech Krzyży Square
  • Grzybowski Square

There are lots more too. Every week new taps pop up as part of a local government initiative to make free water more accessible for everyone. There will be 177 installed in town over the next 12 months. Moreover, each tap has a special bowl at the bottom to help animals stay hydrated in the heat too.


Chlodnik soup close-up

Beetroot chlodnik, a delicious cold, Polish soup that’s perfect for hot weather. Photo credit: Warsaw Urban Adventures

Dinner without a soup? Impossible! But we have a way of preparing delicious cold soups when the outside temperature passes 30°C. Usually made with seasonal veggies like beetroot (a classic), cucumber, avocado or asparagus, you can keep cool and hit your five a day at the same time! Our favourite spots for cold soup include: Dawn Smaki, Alewino and Butchery & Wine.  Just to start from:


Sweet, sparkling, refreshing and locally produced. The vintage label has not changed since 1940s and neither had the locally sourced water they use to make it. It’s sweetened only with REAL sugar, no artificial guff included. The local’s love it.

Find the best ice-cream in town!

Our top four favourite ice cream parlours this summer are:

Switch to a night shift!

‘Cool town, evening in the city, dressing so fine and looking so pretty.’

The cool river breeze makes summer nightlife a particular treat. Floating bars, cafes along the boulevards, outdoor concerts and cinemas or just the steps leading to the river are the places where you will find locals enjoying their warm nights. July and August is also a great time for outdoor cinemas. Most of the movies are displayed in the original language just with the Polish subtitles so feel free to join us. Find a list of movies and locations on Filmowa Stolica.

Hit the outdoor swimming pool

When you really feel that only cool water can help and you miss the ‘beach vibes’ in the city visit Park Wodny Moczydło. Open daily from 9am to 7 pm (entrance fee for adults is 27 PLN and for kids 16 PLN for a whole day of aqua fun)

Last but not least…

…sign up for one of the Warsaw Urban Adventures Tours! They are as cool as a river breeze, as refreshing as oranżada and as entertaining as a summer nightlife. Plus our guides know the best shady spots and air-conditioned bars and cafes.

See you in Warsaw!