Meet: Anita, our local expert in Bucharest

April 22, 2018
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Valentina Manastireanu

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On what it means to be a native Bucharestian…

I was born and raised in Bucharest, and have spent most of my life here. I was studying abroad for a while, but always had in mind to come back. What I love most about being raised here is the fact that you always feel like you’re part of a strong community. I must admit I was only starting to discover the ‘big city’ as a teenager, and I am still exploring it now — and believe it or not, I still enjoy finding new things, new places and new experiences around the city. There’s always something waiting for a passionate explorer to spot it.

On how she became a tour guide…

I have been a tour guide for nine years now. I started doing guided tours for locals in an attempt to connect the city with the people who live in it. It’s a really rewarding experience to see locals more in love with their city after each tour. The tours designed for tourists started five years ago, and I think of them as a constant source of fulfillment. The joy of enthusiastic travellers, eager to discover your city, is priceless.

tour guide with travellers in front of a church in Bucharest

Anita doing what she does best | Photo by Bucharest Urban Adventures

On what she loves most about Bucharhest…

What really makes me proud of Bucharest is the people’s commitment and willingness to change and improve the place where we all live. We don’t need statistics and reports to see that our beloved city is constantly evolving in the right direction — a direction thanks to local NGOs and private companies investing in so many different projects: cultural, environmental, sports-related, etc.

On a typical day in the life of a Bucharest local…

A typical day for locals involves some time spent in traffic (we’re famous for that) and hanging out in our favourite places (after work, of course). If we are not in the mood for going out, cooking a dinner for our friends and family is just as fun.

On her favourite local traditions…

Being a historian, I am always fascinated with each of our customs and traditions, and I like trying to figure out how they started and how we can preserve them. If I had to pick my favorites, I must say I most enjoy the local Christmas traditions: decorating the Christmas tree while listening to carols and drinking mulled wine, receiving carollers that wander from door to door, and of course, planning and cooking the Christmas feast.

On the one thing people should know before they visit…

Everybody praises the beauty of our Romanian women, so everyone should know about that!

On her favourite Bucharest neighbourhood…

I have a thing for stunningly beautiful 19th-century houses, therefore my favourite neighborhood is the charming Gradina Icoanei-Ioanid area.

long promenade in a park

The view from Carol Park | Photo by Bucharest Urban Adventures

On the best spot in Bucharest…

The best spot in Bucharest is, in my opinion, the view over the city from the top of Carol Park stairs.

On the perfect Bucharest meal…

Locals enjoy having a merdenea (cheese-filled pastry) as a street snack (some consider it a real meal) or the local pretzels, called covrigi — both are really cheap and super tasty. So act like the locals and try some of our favourite street food for yourself while you’re here! I’m a huge fan of our local wines, so I strongly recommend having a glass (at least) of a Romanian wine; it is a not-to-be-missed experience.

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