Meet: Borana, our local expert in Lucca

August 29, 2018
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On growing up in Lucca…

I was born and raised in the beautiful medieval town of Lucca. I love my town and I love showing it to everyone; it is small but has everything! History, art and food (meaning, of course, wine and beer) are special here. Every piece of the city has its story — one that could be real or part of a magical legend. I see Lucca as a jewel, and only if you walk its narrow streets, its big squares and along the walls, and only if you taste its nectar will you understand why you must return to Lucca — for a visit or forever!

On why she loves being a tour guide…

Sometimes you need to travel a little, and being a tour guide for Urban Adventures means travelling everywhere in the world, by meeting happy people from everywhere with lifestyles so different from my own. My lovely international friends give me the possibility to put myself in their shoes, and I enjoy my town not only as a local but also as a foreigner discovering this beautiful land. Every time is like the first time I showed Lucca to travellers. This happiness and curiosity is what makes it possible for me to be enthusiastic every time I show my city.

On what she loves most about Lucca…

Wine! Red, red wine! And some typical food. For example, I love valdostana — it is a special pie/toast that’s very unique.

I also love the walls — they are one of the most special things you’ll find here. Magnificent renaissance walls surround the entire historic centre, and the variety of greenery you can find on the walk is fascinating — it takes you back to a divine time, with every step bringing you into a different century, from war eras to fancy princesses.

tour guide in the countryside

Have your Best. Day. Ever. on a tour with Borana | Photo by Lucca Urban Adventures

On her favourite Lucca events…

Lucca is small but hosts big events and concerts. Artists like The Rolling Stones and Robbie Williams have performed here, and the Lucca Summer Festival that takes place every summer keeps getting bigger every year! And did you know that the Lucca Comics & Games festival is the biggest festival for cosplays and comics in the world, after the one in Japan? You can imagine how funny it is to have it here, in the small medieval town of Lucca!

On why you should visit Lucca…

Lucca is a spirit, a quiet spirit with everything you are looking for. If you are looking for something beyond the typical Italian cities for tourists, then Lucca is your place. In 30 minutes you are at the beach, in 20 minutes you are drinking wine in the countryside and enjoying a Tuscan view, and in one hour you are up in the mountains. Food, drinks, aperitivi, romantic squares, big events… What should I say more to convince you?!

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