Where to spot a celebrity in LA

What’s a trip to Hollywood without a bit of stargazing?! We asked Summer, our local guide in Los Angeles, how to find the famous people when you’re hanging out in LA.

You could join the crowds on the Walk of Fame... or you could spot them the local way

You could join the crowds on the Walk of Fame… or you could spot them the local way

Want to see a celebrity in Los Angeles? To get up close with the famous folk (and not look like a crazy tourist who’s celeb-stalking) you’ll have to spend some time hanging out in certain local neighbourhoods. Shop, have a coffee, eat lunch, and act natural — just like they do.

There are quite a few places where we’ve repeatedly spotted them: The Original Farmers Market (just note that the paparazzi are not allowed), Joan’s on Third (a delicious deli) or across the street at Doughboys (or possibly anywhere along that section of Third Street), and Le Petit Four on the Sunset strip.

We’d also put the Paley Center for Media‘s bi-annaul PaleyFest on the list of surefire ways to see celebrities. (Pssst, we also visit this non-profit museum on our Total LA Tour). They put together a fantastic star-studded event twice a year that’s open to the public.

Finally, another good option is, of course, anywhere in central Beverly Hills (although not usually on Rodeo Drive), and especially near the Equinox gym, which just happens to be next to WME, the largest talent agency in the world. And definitely take a trip over to the Walk of Fame when there’s a ceremony or film premiere — these are sure bets and you’ll get a lot closer than you will on a stars’ homes tour!

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