Meet the finalists for the 2018 #streetfood50 Awards

Meet the finalists for the 2018 #streetfood50 Awards

Big-name, high-end, fancy-pants restaurants may have their place, but for us, we prefer to take it to the streets. We’re more into slurping noodles from nameless shops, grabbing tacos from street corner carts, and snacking on all things served on sticks, served piping hot from a sidewalk grill.

The inaugural #streetfood50 Awards are the first-ever all-international food awards honouring pushcarts, streetside pop-ups, market stall, no-name diners and take-out shops.

From the hundreds of nominations we’ve received, our expert panel of judges have narrowed down their top picks. The grand prize winner will be announced on Instagram @TheStreetFood50 on November 1, 2018. Check out the list of finalists:

Thanh Van, Hanoi

Pantai Dalam, Kuala Lumpur

Maxwell Market, Singapore

Bhel Puri Wala, Delhi

Al-Dkedek Restaurant, Jerusalem

Jamaica, Mexico City

Forn de La Gloria, Mallorca

Terasa Obor, Bucharest

And read the stories behind some of our nominated vendors below:

The best burger in Bratislava

All their ingredients are locally produced, and they don’t use typical roast beef, but plank steak, bought from the best-rated local farms around Slovakia, all eco-friendly.

A modern twist on Venice cicchetti

“The real challenge was being able to find our unique style and path. Our place is not a restaurant neither a bacaro or an eatery; it’s actually all three combined together.”

The best bougatsa in Thessaloniki

Bougatsa is a Greek breakfast pastry consisting of semolina custard, cheese or minced meat between layers of phyllo. In Thessaloniki, locals know the best bougatsa can be found at Romfea.

Porridge is a favourite in Copenhagen

Creator and owner of Grød, Lasse Skjønning Andersen grew up in Sydhavnen, a rough-around-the-edges suburb of Copenhagen. He strived to show people his neighbourhood was more than its reputation, and to fill a gap in the food market.

Where to find the best pizza in Lucca

Strolling around the historical town centre of Lucca, it is possible to run into ancient and traditional bakeries and deli shops guaranteed to rouse curiosity in the most seasoned traveller. One of the most interesting just happens to be the oldest pizzeria in Lucca.

The best cendol in Kuala Lumpur

Made from shaved ice, a scoop of palm sugar, a scoop of coconut milk and rice flour jelly coloured green from pandan leaves, cendol is a favourite hot-weather snack. And Mr. Ah Keong’s cendol (made entirely from homemade ingredients) is a perfect delight.

The best falafel in Dubai

Ghanem’s shop is not only one of the cheapest places for falafel, but also one of the best in Dubai. His falafel is light, tasty and fresh – a mix of chickpeas, onion and herbs, deep-fried to perfection.

This NYC lobster roll is buttery heaven

When The Lobster Place first opened in 1974, Mr. and Mrs. MacGregor would drive the eight hours up to Maine in an old pick-up truck twice a week.

The best tom yum in Bangkok

There are only four tables in Som Sri’s tom yum shop, so if you come for lunch, get here early or be prepared to wait. That’s because this tom yum might just be the greatest tom yum of your life.

Where to get Prague’s best burgers

In their very old Mercedes, this food truck duo soon became so popular that whenever there was a farmers’ market or food festival happening, it just wasn’t right if they weren’t there.

Los Angeles locals love cortados

Also called a “Gibraltar,” this perfect little package combines equal parts espresso and steamed milk. It’s the livelihood of most Moroccan cafe owners – where men sip nos nos (half-half) for hours on end.

The best Chiang Mai stewed pork stall

The North Gate Cowgirl is the most famous vendor in Chiang Mai serving up khao kha moo (stewed pork leg). That’ll happen when none other than Anthony Bourdain takes his TV crew to your stall.

The best mici in Bucharest

The most beloved street food in Romania is skinless sausage, known as mici or mititei. Similar to a Turkish kebab or Arabic kofta, this street snack has taken on its own flavours over the years to be uniquely Romanian.

The tastiest gyro in Crete

Nikos and Giorgos Solidakis have kept their gyro recipe a secret for 50 years – and are still keeping silent.

This hot dog is NYC history

You can’t turn a corner in New York City without finding a hot dog vendor – but there’s only one guy in town who can stake claim to selling the most authentic dog in NYC.

Mallorca’s 300-year-old llonguet

Forn de La Gloria literally means ‘Bakery of the Glory’ – an apt name since eating one of their llonguets is a heavenly experience. Soft and tasty, llonguet is a bread native to Palma de Mallorca, stuffed with red sausage or Mallorcan cheese.

The best burger in Budapest

Take your favourite rock songs, add in homemade hamburgers and good beers, and you have the makings of a perfect meal in Budapest.

The best sandwiches in Valencia

Open for 58 years and considered a local institution in the area, Bar El Tostadero offers great food and honest prices, serving traditional Spanish fare of breakfast, bocadillos and tapas.

The best falafel in Paris

Come rain, shine or even snow, you’re always sure to find a long line leading up to this family-owned Middle Eastern restaurant and street vendor: L’As du Fallafel.

The best loukoumades in Athens

These heavenly fried balls are drizzled with honey syrup and sprinkled with cinnamon, and have been around since antiquity – in ancient times, they were even offered to the Gods.

The legend of Poland’s zapiekanka

The zapiekanka (a long, open-faced sandwich) was a beloved piece of many Polish childhoods – a miracle treat for a whole generation who discovered it at the end of ’80s.

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