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February 03, 2018
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Known as the historical capital of Greater Poland (Wielkopolska), Poznań is the county’s fifth largest city by population and one that offers a laidback blend of history, culture, urban greenspace, noteworthy architecture and a buzzing café and bar scene. While Krakow and Warsaw might get the bulk of travel attention when it comes to visiting Poland, Poznań should definitely not be overlooked. This is a city with a lot to offer curious travellers who want to explore off the beaten path and visit a place minus a steady stream of tourists. If you’re curious about Poznań and want to plan a visit, here are some tips from our local Poznań tour guides on everything you need to know before you go.

Getting to and from POZ

Poznań airport is about seven kilometres from the city centre and you have a couple of options to get to and from the airport, including taxi and public transportation.

If you’re opting for public tranit, you can take the bus. Poznań airport is well-connected to the city centre and there are bus stops right in front of the passenger terminal. Take bus 59 to the Railway Station, which gets you right into the city. Public transport tickets are available at the newspaper stands both in the arrival hall (in T3 terminal) and in the departure hall (in T2 terminal), as well as in the ticket booth located at the bus stop in front of the departure hall. The trip should take around 20 to 25 minutes and tickets cost PLN 4.60. Don’t forget to stamp the ticket in a yellow box once you get into the bus.

Taking a taxi to and from the airport is also an option. You’ll find the taxi stand right in front of T3 terminal (arrival hall). They are metered, but make sure the taxi driver starts the meter when you get in. It should cost around PLN 40 to the city centre and take around 20 minutes.

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Getting around Poznań

Your best bet for getting around Poznań is public transit in the form of buses and trams, which can easily get you all over the city. Day transportation operates from around 4:30am to 11pm. Night buses and trams operate every half hour from 11:30pm until 4:30am. Cost per ticket depends on where and how long you’ll be riding as tickets are timed. The cheapest option is PLN 3 for a 10-minute ride, which will take you three or four stops. A 40-minute ticket is PLN 4.60, and if you plan on travelling often, you may want to consider a 24-hour (PLN 13.60) or 48-hour ticket (PLN 21). You can also consider getting the City Card (PLN 79 for three days), which gives you access to public transport and discounts at selected museums, hotels and restaurants.

Walking is also a great way to get around Poznań, since most of the city’s main attractions can be covered on foot.

Things to do in Poznań

You don’t want to come to Poznań and miss out on a visit to the Old Market Square. Not only is the square atmospheric, it’s also home to cafés, bars and food stalls, as well as many of the city’s top attractions including the beautiful Old Town Hall, which also houses the worthwhile Historical Museum of Poznań. Crowds gather outside the Town Hall daily to watch two mechanical billy goats pop out of a door above the clock at precisely noon and proceed to butt heads 12 times — something they’ve been doing since 1551.

Poznan square

Scenic square in Poznan | Photo via Pixabay

For anyone who likes beer and wants to learn more about the brewing process, tours of Lech Brewery are available in English Monday through Saturday, from 10am to 8pm (last entry at 6pm). Informative tours last around two hours and include a comprehensive overview of how Poland’s Lech beer is made and a beer tasting at the brewery’s pub. Tour tickets cost PLN 25.

Sports fans might want to see a Lech Poznań match live on a visit to the city. The stadium is located just outside the city centre and can be easily reached via tram lines 6 or 13. Ticket prices depend on where you’re seated and the importance of the match.

Many cities have local delicacies or dishes that originated in the region — and Poznań is no exception. If you’re visiting the city and you have a sweet tooth, make time for the St. Martin’s Croissant Museum. A St. Martin’s Croissant is a unique local pastry folded 81 times into the shape of a horseshoe, and filled with multiple layers of white poppy seed filling. The pastry recipe is so important that these treats are legally protected by way of recognition by the European Union as a Protected Geographical Indicator. This means that St. Martin Croissants may only be produced in the Wielkopolska region and only according to a specific recipe. At the museum you’ll learn about the origins of this unique croissant, as well as help make some and then taste one for yourself.

Poznań Day Tours

Looking for more things to do? Urban Adventures offers day tours in Poznań and beyond, all led by local experts and that will give you a taste for local life:

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Unlock the secrets of Poznań on a tour that will take you on a historic and culinary journey through bustling medieval squares to discover the best that the city has to offer. Get clued up about the history of the city as we show you its iconic sites and exquisite architecture, then join us for an authentic Polish lunch, drink in hand.

Good Evening Poznań!
Hit the charming streets of Poznań at twilight and discover the secret ingredients to a great night out on the town. Find out what the Poles like to eat and drink by knocking back some traditional food and drinks yourself! Discover where the locals like to go for a beer and pass by illuminated treasures as you hear stories about the fascinating history of this enchanting old city.

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Taste the real Krakow on this food tour of the best Polish bites and sites! Sample traditional fare of pierogies, zapiekanka and oscypek at local hideaways and explore Krakow’s bustling markets and neighbourhoods. The perfect balance of cuisine and culture for a truly authentic local experience!

Warsaw’s Wild Side
In Warsaw, it’s not the Wild West — it’s the Wild East! Discover the most fascinating neighbourhood in the city, on the hipster east bank of the Vistula River. Check out post-industrial buildings that have been converted into art spaces, clubs and cafés, and see how the wild spirit of Praga can’t be tamed!


Poznań on the big screen

Poznań was never a popular place for movies in pop culture, but for those into history, Poznań ‘56 by Filip Bajon will explain a lot about the series of protests in Poznań in 1956 against the communist government.

Poznań on record

You may be surprised to discover that Poznań is a famous city for Polish popular music. Some rock artists from Poznań include Luxtorpeda, Pidżama Porno, Acid Drinkers, Turbo and many others. The city even had a rich rap scene in the early 2000s, represented by such artists as Peja (Slums Attack), donGURALesko, Ascetoholix and 52 Dębiec. In addition, the most famous Polish ’70s singer, Anna Jantar, was a Poznań-born artist. Check out the music by any of these local artists to get in the Poznań spirit!

Poznań in books

There aren’t a lot of books set in Poznań, but you should take a look at the Jeżycjada series of books by Małgorzata Musierowicz. These are very popular not just in Poland, but also in Japan and the Scandinavian countries. The action takes place in the beautiful Jeżyce district of Poznań, where we also go on our local city tours.

You can also gear up for your up for your trip (in addition to reading our guide), by checking out the city’s tourism site.

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Poznań is an underrated university city and popular business hub, that combines buzzing nightlife with rich historic heritage and picturesque green spaces. Known as the birthplace of Poland, the thousand-year old city offers visitors fairytale architecture to admire and plenty of outdoor recreational activities to get stuck into, including some stunning forest walks and Poland’s largest indoor thermal bath complex. Get ahead of the crowd and visit this hidden gem before everyone else does.