Things to do in: Poznań

March 14, 2018
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Urban Adventures

Krakow and Warsaw may be the cities that first come to mind when considering a visit to Poland, but don’t discount vibrant Poznań, a chaming city on the Warta River in western Poland. The capital of the country’s Wielkopolska region, Poznań offers a lot to see and do in the form of museums, art galleries, pretty parks, lakes and an Old Town filled with historical monuments, narrow cobbled streets and a whole host of bars and restaurants. Here are a few tips for what to see and do once you arrive.

Learn all about Saint Martin Croissants

If there is one tourist attraction you must see in Poznań, the Poznan Croissant Museum is it. The Saint Martin Croissant isn’t just a much-loved local treat — the traditional pastry, filled with white poppy seed paste, is recognised by the European Union as a Protected Geographical Indicator. This means that the croissants can only be produced in the Wielkopolska region and only according to a specific recipe. At the museum you’ll have the chance to learn the origins of St. Martin Croissants, find out about the ingredients, learn to make one yourself, and, last but not least, taste the pastry.

Watch a Lech Poznań football match

Even though Polish football isn’t exactly the greatest in the world, local fans are some of the best on the planet. Watch a Lech Poznań game and find out how loud and committed to the team Poznań people are. You can buy tickets for a game online (prices vary depending on where you sit) and experience the lively atmosphere and sense of camaraderie among fans for yourself. Don’t forget to get a scarf and a blue t-shirt with the Lech Poznań logo!

Ride a bike through Poznan’s parks and lake areas

Park in Poznan

Pretty park in Poznan | Photo by Poznan Urban Adventures

Poznań is considered a great city for biking in Poland thanks to its many green areas. Rent a bike (city bikes operated by Nextbike are the cheapest option) and take a leisurely ride around lakes Malta (to the east) and Rusałka (to the northwest), and through the city’s many parks like Cytadela and Sołacki. You can also use your bike to explore other beautiful districts including Jeżyce and Łazarz, which are full of beautiful Art Nouveau architecture.

Have a beer at the Warta River

When a warm evening comes, all the locals head in one direction: to the Warta River. The only place in Poznań where you can legally drink alcohol in public (it’s forbidden in Poland) is a perfect location for a picnic, barbecue or simply hanging out with friends in the great outdoors. Be sure to take a blanket with you and buy yourself some Polish beer in a nearby shop for a relaxing afternoon by the water.

Enjoy the Old Town’s nightlife

Bar scene in Poznan

Vibrant nightlife in Poznan | Photo by Poznan Urban Adventures

Poznań is a big university centre, which means (as it does in most university towns) that nightlife is buzzing — especially on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Stroll around the streets of Old Town, which is brimming with bars and clubs, and take your pick of whichever watering hole piques your interest. There’s lots of variety here to suit your drinking style, whether you prefer quiet pubs and craft beer, or sipping cocktails in a livelier atmosphere.