This is the world’s best beer tour, here’s why

August 13, 2020
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Urban Adventures

Urban Adventures’ Czech Beer & Tapas tour has been voted the best beer tour in the world by Tripadvisor for the third year in a row! Here are 12 reasons why it’s consistently at the top of the list.

Prague cityscape view
Birthplace of Budweiser and home of Pilsner, pretty Prague is a beer lover's paradise. | Photo credit: Prague Urban Adventures

1. It takes place in Prague, where they have been brewing beer for 1,000 years

The Czech love affair with beer has lasted a long time, celebrating their thousand year anniversary back in the early 1990s (the first brewery launched in 993 AD at the Břevnov Monastery). Famous for producing the original Budweiser (it was Budwar back then) and the delectable Pilsner; a beer so perfect that all other beers today are still compared to it, Prague has serious beer credentials.

2. We take you away from the over-touristy city centre to drink with the locals

Prague was the 5th most visited city in Europe in 2018, according to Travel Atlas, welcoming over ten million visitors. That means that the old town is usually heaving with pesky tourists and their selfie sticks. Get away from the crowds and enjoy a slice of authentic Prague by exploring some of its prettiest neighbourhoods and chatting to the locals that live there.

3. Feel part of the in-crowd in a small group of no more than 10

There’s never more than 10 people on an Urban Adventures Prague tour, so there’s always plenty of time to get to know everyone, you don’t have to struggle to hear your guide through the throng and you don’t feel like a sheep following an umbrella.

Prague lunch

4. Taste the best food in town

Our guides are regularly sent out to taste-test the dishes we offer on our tours so that we always offer the tastiest options with an interesting backstory. It’s a tough job but someone has to do it…

5. Generous portion sizes

Tapas sounds like it won’t be filling but you’ve not tasted Czech tapas! The Czechs are a bit more generous with their portions than their Mediterranean cousins; ensuring there’ll be plenty of delicious food (at least the equivalent of one full meal) to soak up the beer and conserve your dignity.

6. We’ve recruited bona fide beer connoisseurs to lead your tour

The Czech Republic has the highest beer consumption per capita than any other country in the world. The locals know and love their beer. We have cherry-picked the most passionate, beer-obsessed guides to lead you on a beer-filled adventure you’ll never forget.

Prague National Museum, one of the many architectural stunners you'll pass on your Beer & Czech Tapas adventure. | Photo credit: WikiCommons

7. Squeeze in some hidden gems

We’ll take you off the beaten path to trendy, alternative neighbourhoods such as Žižkov  and Vinohrady where you can admire the stunning architecture of the Národní museum (National Museum) and enjoy hidden gems you’d be unlikely to find on your own, such as panoramic terraces offering unparrallelled views of the city (either from Letná, or Riegerovy sady or Štefánikovuv, depending on our route that day).

8. Infinite choices

Your guide will not just order you what they think you’ll like (or worse, the cheapest draught on the menu), instead we want you to try a beer that excites you. Our guides can help you choose, from heritage beer such as lzeňský prazdroj (the world’s first pilsner) to a modern, flavoured beer such as sour cherry or stinging nettle, you have the final say on what you drink.

9. Each tour is unique

Urban Adventures guides incorporate their own favourite places into the itinerary. That way, the tour is always personalised and travellers enjoy a unique experience and feel the passion of their guide.

Prague sausages and beer
It doesn't get much better than an ice cold beer and a sausage. | Photo credit: Prague Urban Adventures

10. We have a 90% success rate at converting non-beer drinkers

We believe there’s a beer for every palate. Let your guide know what you usually like to drink and chances are they’ll find a beer to match your tastes. And if they fail, there’s always wine and fruit liquors! So fear not non-beer fans who are being dragged along with their beer-loving partners, we’ll always have you covered…

11. Get a unique insight into Czech history & culture, beer in hand

Beer makes history better. That’s our motto at Urban Adventures HQ. Discover the fascinating, sometimes dark but ultimately inspirational story of Czech beer as you literally drink history. There’s nothing like a bit of context to enhance the flavour.

12. Thoughtful recommendations for the rest of your trip

Local guides can be so passionate about their cities and this is particularly true at Urban Adventures (it’s in the job description!). Our guides are only too pleased to offer local tips on the latest goings on in Prague and recommendations for more great beer stops. We’ll ensure you have all the knowledge you need to carry on your beer adventure, should you wish to.

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