Traveller Stories: Helena-Jane in Seoul

Traveller Stories: Helena-Jane in Seoul

Helena-Jane’s local market experience in Seoul is memorable to say least. Here’s her story:

“A local market adventure in Korea generally starts with a rude awakening first thing in the morning – more often than not, a market is announced by a recording looped over and over and played at top volume over a loud speaker attached to a truck driving up and down the streets, rousing you from slumber. Once you’ve cracked your eyes open and meandered down to the street, you’ll be struck by an immense display – local vegetables, fruit, the freshest of fish and seafood, b-grade puffer jackets, street food, nic-nacs, kimchi stalls, rice, faggots (actual faggots – used in the absolute correct sense), hats, dog meat, socks, linen, eggs… wait a minute… did they say… yes, you read it correctly, dog meat. In our travels we’ve seen some very interesting things but nothing as controversial as this… It’s a wonderful place to soak up the ‘real’ Korea, both traditional and modern.”

korean food, street food in korea

All kinds of dishes to dive into in Seoul – if you dare!

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Fish for sale at the market in Seoul

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