Traveller Stories: Ian’s Birthday in Amsterdam

Traveller Stories: Ian’s Birthday in Amsterdam


Ian spent his birthday in Amsterdam (brilliant!), and decided to celebrate by joining our Amsterdam Food by Foot tour. Here’s his birthday story:

Amsterdam Food by Foot… how good does that sound as a birthday treat for a middle-aged Australian?

The day is cold and foggy, so very atmospheric as we wander along the canals, with a heady scent of marijuana occasionally wafting from doorways.

First stop, golden frites with mayo – gluten free – no problem, and crunchily good, “the best in town” states our guide knowledgably and we agree totally. Then, a cheese store with plates and plates of samples… OMG I’m in dairy heaven.

A supermarket visit shows us a mouth-watering array of prepared salads and meals, fresh fruits and delicious-looking breads that I can only imagine the taste of, but herrings, something we taste elsewhere on the tour… well, I guess they are an acquired taste.

Coffee and an outstanding apple pancake – again gluten free – sustains us for the final stop. Can it get any better? Of course it can: to finish, a shot of intensely-flavoured liqueur from an old distillery, where the glass is filled to the brim and the only way to attack it is to lean over and slurp. So, of course we follow tradition and do just that. Mmm, delicious. Now where will I be for my next birthday?

Topping off a wonderful birthday in Amsterdam. Where to next year?!

Topping off a wonderful birthday in Amsterdam. Where to next year?!

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