Traveller Stories: Susan in Morocco

Traveller Stories: Susan in Morocco

When Susan H. was travelling alone through Morocco in 2002, she encountered some surprising and heart-warming local hospitality. Here’s her story:

“I travelled from Malaga, Spain by boat to Melila, Morocco. Upon arriving in Melila I took a bus to the small town of Nador in Morocco in order to take the train to Casablanca. As a single woman travelling alone in Morocco in 2002, I was immediately stared at constantly and while waiting for the bus in a cafe in Melila, a young boy even threw some vegetables at me. When I got on the bus a young woman sat next to me and was very, very friendly. I was a little wary, but she was really nice and said she lived in Nador, where I was to catch the train”

“When we arrived, she walked with me to the train station to make sure I found it without difficulty. The train was an overnight train that left Nador at 11pm and it was then around 1pm. This young woman then took me under her wing and took me to her home where I met her mother, sister and best friend. It turned out that she was a kickboxing champion of Morocco and she took me to her training gym and I met her teammates and friends! She and her sister and friend walked me all over the town and then we went back to her home where I was treated to a home cooked Berber meal. When it came time to leave, she walked me back to the train station, and although there were no tickets left for a sleeping berth, she met another of her friends who was also traveling on the train and she told him to assist me in buying an upgraded ticket for a berth once I got on the train, which I did! I will never forget the wonderful hospitality of her, her family, and friends.”

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