Where to watch World Cup 2018 in Bali

Where to watch World Cup 2018 in Bali

While most articles about where to watch the World Cup will list several options, in Bali, our local tour guides say there’s only one: Y-Bar Sports Bar in Kuta. This is my personal favourite bar, not just in Bali, but anywhere for watching sports.

Y-Bar is a bar that people come to purely to watch sports. It is not a pub trying to be a sports bar, but a bonafide sports bar that puts the matches at the centre of everything. So serious is it, that the bar is split into several areas, so you can watch your game without something else competing on a neighbourhing television set. No surprise then, that it’s the best place in Kuta to watch the World Cup. And because it’s open 24 hours, you never have to wonder if it might be open for a match — trust us, it is.

exterior of a sports bar in Bali

Other reasons I love it are the service (fast, friendly), the good pub food and, lastly, because the beer isn’t just cold, it’s freezing, thanks to being stored in freezers rather than refrigerators — perfect for those hot Bali days and nights. It’s also cheap, at roughly USD 2 for a stubby.

Finally, Y-Bar is big. Actually, it’s really big. Some 800 square metres, with 64 TV sets and the biggest LED television in any sports bar in Bali — it’s 4×4 metres.

Y-Bar is located in Jl Padma Utara Legian. Trust me, for FIFA fans, nothing else in Bali can match this bar.

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