Where to watch World Cup 2018 in Vilnius

Where to watch World Cup 2018 in Vilnius

Goooooaaaaal! Even if your travel plans have you in Lithuania instead of Russia during the 2018 FIFA World Cup, you can still celebrate the action. That’s because locals in Vilnius will be watching from the city’s pubs, party bars and even from a beach along the river. Here are the best places to watch the beautiful game, with tips courtesy of our local Vilnius tour guides, of course.

On the beach

Yes, you’ll be able to watch the game outdoors, thanks to a big outdoor screen at the public beach near the White bridge over the Neris river. Expect a great atmosphere, but no booze. Due to government law, no alcoholic beverages will be permitted. Bring a soda instead.

Stars and Legends

Stars and Legends is a legendary local sports pub, featuring signed memorabilia from Lithuania’s greatest athletes. Expect many TV screens, and maybe even the possibility to meet actual stars and legends. Address: Kostitucijos ave 12.

Crazy Bull

In the heart of Old Town, close to City Hall (and everything else), you’ll find Crazy Bull. Inside, you’ll find many screens, including one massive screen, and lots of cheering locals. Address: Didzioji str. 28 (Old Town).

rePUBlic no 4

rePUBlic no 4 is a new bar that belongs to a bigger pub network and is located on Vilnius’s main party street. Enough said. Address: Vilniaus str. 27 (Old Town).

Gringo Pub

Gringo Pub offers non-stop football, soccer and basketball broadcasts. It’s also new and trendy, and loved by both young locals and city guests. Address: Vilniaus str. 31 (Old Town).


In English, Alynas translates as ‘beer forest.’ It’s outside the city centre but is easily accessible on foot and very cosy. It’s small, clean and not crowded. It’s also my favourite pub with my favourite beer. Address: Zirmunu 2. (Second location in Old Town, Jogailos str. 6.)

Undiscovered Vilnius

There are few capitals in Europe that can truly be described as hidden gems, but Vilnius is certainly amongst those few. Often overlooked for all the wrong reasons, this beautiful Lithuanian city boasts an ancient meets modern vibe, filled with historical sights and the cutting edge of cool, all at the same time!

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    September 5, 2018

    Gringo Bar – definitely the best place to watch sports 🙂


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