What to do in Budapest in June

What to do in Budapest in June

Budapest in the early summer is a magical place to be; outdoor picnics by the Danube, cultural festivals galore and plenty of al fresco dining is to be had, if you know where to look! Check out our Budapest guide’s tips on the best things to do in Budapest in June:

Enjoy Puccini during the Budapest Summer festival:

Every summer, Margitsziget (The Margaret Island) and Varosmajor Square in Buda, two of Budapest’s premier locations, are the scene of a series of open-air concerts of all kinds: musical, theatrical and family-orientated programs. It is particularly enjoyable to attend a performance by the Art-Nouveau Water Tower on Margaret Island, which is listed as a historical monument. We highly recommend a stroll around the beautiful surroundings as well as this is by far one of the most charming places to relax in the city! The courtyard of the Water Tower is also the setting for jazz concerts each weekend. This year 11 concerts will be held in June including 2 nights of Puccini opera performances and a live performance of the famous and brilliant Hungarian rock band Anna and the Barbies. ENJOY!

Budapest Summer festival – June, July, August  


 Let the night (or day!) be wild with the Downtown Beer Festival:

Hungarians love to party and drink: palinka (Hungarian fruit brandy), wine and beer mostly. From June 5th to June 10th, the Liberty Square of Budapest (one of the most beautiful squares of the city) is the set of the very popular Belvárosi Sörfesztivál. Think food trucks, music shows and of course… plenty of beer! Not only will you get to discover one of the prettiest areas in the city but you get to do it by having fun, tasting a few (or all, it’s your call!) of what the best Hungarian breweries have to offer.  There’s an abundance of local street food to get stuck into to soak up all the beer  nighttime concerts to entertain you. Free entry and easily accessible by public transportation.

Downtown Beer Festival, 5-10 June


Dancers at Budapest's Danube festival

Performers at the Danube Festival. Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

Get a taste of Hungarian folklore at the Danube Carnival! 

Hungary is a country that’s very attached to its traditions, hence folk dance is very popular: practised by locals all over the city of any age and background. The Duna Karneval of Budapest (Danube Carnival) occurs every year in June, offering a wide range of shows, honouring world music and dance in some of the most beautiful locations of the city, including Margaret Island, the famous Chain Bridge, or Saint Stephen park by the Danube. Some are free but not all! This year, the 20-year-old festival features hundreds of Hungarian and foreign artists.

Danube Carnival, 8-16 June

Program and tickets: http://danubecarnival.com

Stroll the city streets on Museum Night:

Following Paris’ example, Hungary has established an annual Museum Night, and the 2019 edition will be its 17th. The idea is that by purchasing one ticket in any of the many museums participating in the event (meaning almost all of them!), you can enter all the others for free. What a bargain! On this particular occasion, not only you can visit all the permanent exhibitions but you will also be able to access the hundreds of special programs/events on offer too (many of which are interpreted in English, check their website for more details). This event is a must for both locals and visitors and the atmosphere is truly amazing. This year, eco-vehicle transportation can be used from one venue to another in Budapest.

Museum Night, 22 June 22


Tour group looking at street art on 8th Street in Budapest

Find out more about the Nem Adom Fel Foundation and support their work by joining our Urban Adventures Controversial Budapest Tour

 Support a local charity during Market Day:

On June 23rd a very special event will be held on Elisabeth Square, right by Deak Square, the very heart of the city: a large community market, organised by one of Budapest Urban Adventures’ partners, the Nem Adom Fel Foundation (meaning ‘I do not give up’), whose principle is to help people with disabilities to make the most out of their life. This design, vintage, antique and craft market in the heart of the city centre is not only an occasion to buy souvenirs and locally produced clothing and accessories but also to support a great cause. This event raises funds for the children of “Nemadomfel houses” operated by the Nem Adom Fel Foundation. They mainly collect summer games, colourants, creative/craft supplies, social games, card games, sports equipment for children who do not have the possibility to go on summer holidays trips.

If you wish to support the Nem Adom Fel foundation, you can also visit their coffeehouse/restaurant at Magdolna street 1, in the 8th district. You can learn more about their work on Urban Adventures’ Controversial Budapest: Exploring the Infamous 8th District tour, with a portion of your tour fee going back to Nem Adom Fel and the Oltalom Charity Society which focuses on helping the homeless, the elderly, refugees and children in danger in Hungary.

Market Day, 23 June, 11 am – 7 pm, Elisabeth Square, in the 5th district

 A special sunset by the Danube…

Take your bike and go and visit “Fellini Római Kultúrbisztró” (Fellini Roman Cultural Bistro) to celebrate its new season. Among the numerous bistros and restaurants of Római Part (the ‘Roman Beach’ adjacent to the Danube on the north of Buda), Fellini Kultúrbisztró is one of the only places where you can actually sit next to the waterfront. They offer an impressive event program, including concerts (mostly jazz) every Friday, and cinema evenings on Tuesdays, all of which you can enjoy while comfortably seated under the lampions (small oil lamps), in wood lounge chairs, by the charmingly bohemian food and drink truck. Fellini Római is also accessible via public boat service (BKK hajó), by bus and suburban train.



The WAMP Design Fair:

The Wamp design fair is a monthly event where emerging Hungarian designers showcase their works. This market is very popular among locals and comes highly recommended for anyone looking for the best of Hungarian fashion and to discover exciting new small designers. The June edition will be held on Elisabeth Square in the 5th district, on the 16th.

WAMP Design Fair, 23 June, 11 am – 7 pm, Elisabeth Square in the 5th district

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