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Until a few decades ago Berlin was a divided city, literally. Travel to Berlin and wander the streets with a local Urban Adventures guide to learn about Berlin’s turbulent yet fascinating past and present. Whether you're looking for a historical Berlin tour or just keen to get your hands on some tasty Berlin food (did somebody say currywurst?), we've got your back! 

Want to create your own customised Best. Day. Ever? Something totally unique and special and tailored just for you and your friends and family? Well, you're in luck - we offer bespoke tours too! Just enter your info into our Create Your Own request form, and let us know how we can give you your own perfect Urban Adventure.

If you are after an existing tour as a private group departure please get in touch.

Hidden Berlin, Berlin tour
From AUD 79.91
Hidden Berlin
from 12 reviews
Location: Germany - Berlin
Length: 4 hours


  • Discover dozens of hidden spots in Berlin that only locals know about
  • Learn all about Berlin’s transformation over the last century
  • Visit the ‘Palace of Tears’ and explore the meaning behind its name
  • Hear local stories against the backdrop of the stunning Humboldt University
  • Get insider knowledge about Berlin’s Jewish history and culture
  • Sample traditional German treats at the oldest bakery in Berlin

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Storyline of Berlin, Berlin tour
From AUD 95.58
Storyline of Berlin
from 17 reviews
Location: Germany - Berlin
Length: 4 - 5 hours


  • Bask in the vibrant, modern Berlin way of life
  • Visit original sites of WWII and the Holocaust
  • Hear all the legends twining around iconic Brandenburg Gate
  • Take a time leap back to Cold War Berlin at Checkpoint Charlie
  • Enjoy delicious samples from the oldest chocolate factory in Berlin

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Food and Art in Funky Kreuzberg, Berlin tour
From AUD 122.21
Food and Art in Funky Kreuzberg
from 5 reviews
Location: Germany - Berlin
Length: 3 hours


  • Enjoy Berlin's multicultural food scene and taste a variety of the locals’ all-time favourite snacks and drinks (including currywurst, of course!)
  • Eat and drink where locals dine day and night
  • Stroll through a typical Berlin“Kiez”, with its many little shops and grocery stores
  • Discover famous pieces and hidden gems of Kreuzbergian street art
  • Hear stories about Kreuzberg’s wild past and present

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Berlin private tour, Berlin tour
Berlin Private Tour - Create Your Own
Location: Germany - Berlin
Length: As requested by client. From one hour to one week


  • Take in the history of this once divided city and learn about the rise and fall of the infamous Berlin Wall
  • Explore important historical sites that trace back to Nazi rule and East Berlin’s communist days
  • Wander the old Jewish quarter and witness how this historical corner of the city has transformed into a trendy hub for art and entertainment
  • Visit ornate Prussian palaces dating back hundreds of years and learn about the kingdom of Prussia’s abolishment in 1947
  • Discover the food markets, street art, breweries, art galleries and more that define Berlin’s culture

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