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Mandalay is everything that you would expect from a bustling Asian metropolis. The city sits on the majestic Irrawaddy, a seemingly timeless river that snakes from north to south through majestic Myanmar. But the reason you absolutely must include it in your itinerary is the potential for exploration beyond the city limits. Think lush green landscapes, ancient ruins, and lost cities, all waiting to be explored by history buffs and enlightenment seekers. There is lots to do in the city itself too: golden palaces, ornate pagodas, and a burgeoning food scene ensure you will always have plenty to see and eat.

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Ancient Cities, Pagodas and Sunset tour, Mandalay tour
From USD 81.00
Ancient Cities, Pagodas, and Sunset Tour
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Location: Myanmar (Burma) - Mandalay
Length: 12 hours


  • Admire the many monasteries and golden pagodas of Sagaing
  • Learn more about the quest for spiritual enlightenment at a famous Buddhist university
  • Visit the ancient city of Inwa and its iconic sites such as the Barayar Monastery and Yadana Hsimi pagodas
  • Explore the Immortal City of Amarapura and watch the sunset from the longest wooden bridge in the world

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The Road to Mandalay River tour, Mandalay tour
From USD 62.00
The Road to Mandalay River Tour
Location: Myanmar (Burma) - Mandalay
Length: 4 to 5 hours


  • Sail away from Mandalay to Mingun on one of the world’s most beautiful rivers
  • Hear the tragic story behind the exquisite Myatheindan Pagoda
  • Marvel at the largest working bell in the world
  • Experience one of the best sunsets of your life on the peaceful Irrawaddy River

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Mandalay in the Morning tour, Mandalay tour
From USD 40.00
Mandalay in the Morning
Location: Myanmar (Burma) - Mandalay
Length: 5 hours


  • Meet local artisans and learn the ancient secrets of stone carving and gold leaf making
  • Add more bling to Buddha and place your gold leaf on his body for good luck
  • Get away from all the gold for a brief moment and visit Shwe Inn Pin, a remarkable wooden monastery that houses an incredible art collection
  • Channel the spirit of the Da Vinci Code as you try to read the ancient scriptures of Theravada Buddhism

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Made In Mandalay tour, Mandalay tour
From USD 35.00
Made In Mandalay Shopping Tour
Location: Myanmar (Burma) - Mandalay
Length: 3.5 hours


  • Visit traditional artisan craft workshops and observe gold-leaf and tapestry making, stone and wood carving and lots more
  • Acquire unique and beautiful souvenirs and gifts for your loved ones
  • Meet the talented locals who make handicrafts their livelihood and learn about the processes involved in their creation
  • Find workshops that are difficult to find on your own with a local guide by your side, helping you to communicate and get the best price for your purchases
  • Sample delicious Burmese sweet treats at a popular local shop

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