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Foodies, this is your place! Malaysia's food capital is the place to dig into tasty treats like laksa and char kuey teow — and decide for yourself if you think this city really does have the best street food in the world (that's what the word on the... street is, anyway). Then, once you've had your fill, head out to explore the city's fascinating fusion of East meets West, where tradition meets old-world charm.

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Tastes and Traditions of Penang
From USD 56.00
Tastes and Traditions in Penang
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Location: Malaysia - Penang
Length: 3 hours


  • Savour more than a dozen tastings of traditional Malaysian cuisine and Penang street food
  • Talk with local food vendors and learn how authentic Penang dishes such as assamlaksa, char kuey teow, and cendol are prepared
  • Taste Southeast Asian fruits such as mangosteen, rambutan, and, if they're in season, those infamous durians
  • Explore old city streets and learn about Penang’s preserved heritage sites
  • Visit a Penang market to purchase treats to take back home with you

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