Essaouira Insider,  Essaouira tour
From EUR 41.00
Essaouira Food & Culture
from 5 reviews
Location: Morocco - Essaouira
Length: 4 hours


  • Head off the beaten path and discover local life in Essaouira
  • Sample pastries from the city’s oldest bakery and grill fresh fish at the local market
  • Climb a historic watchtower for a 360-degree view of the port, ocean, and city
  • Visit a local artist’s studio in the medina to appreciate authentic Moroccan artwork
  • Meet a traditional herbalist and taste his expertly-mixed exotic tea

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Gnawa Music Experience, Essaouira tour
From EUR 64.00
Gnawa Music Experience
from 2 reviews
Location: Morocco - Essaouira
Length: 2.5 - 3 hours


  • Explore the sacred Gnawa traditions and sites with a local musician guide
  • Meet a local kuyu (Gnawa dancer) for a dance presentation and display of their traditional garments
  • Learn the history and craft of the ornate lute-like guembri instrument
  • Join a Gnawa maalem (master) in his private quarters to hear him play the traditional Gnawa melodies
  • Enjoy a cup of Moroccan tea to the sounds of Gnawa fusion at a local music hotspot

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 Essaouira Private Tour,  Essaouira tour
Essaouira Private Tour - Create Your Own
Location: Morocco - Essaouira
Length: TBD


  • Sample the best of Essaouira’s local foods, like tasty Moroccan pastries and fresh catch-of-the-day from the Atlantic
  • Visit a Gnawa master and uncover the cultural history behind traditional Gnawa Music
  • Catch up with local artists and learn the secrets of their unique crafts
  • Discover hidden gems deep in the Medina
  • Experience the rich local music scene and dance to the rhythms of Morocco

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