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Guangzhou (or Canton). The historic heart of Cathay, the hard-working harbour of the Pearl River, and China’s greatest centre for business and production! (Some call it the world’s factory.) This Chinese megacity is also home to intriguing neighbourhoods like Sino Africa and Islamic trader districts with flavours of Muslim-China – with so much culture to take in, Guangzhou is definitely worth exploring!

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 The Great Guangzhou Food Tour, Guangzhou tour
From USD 81.00
The Great Guangzhou Food Tour
from 4 reviews
Location: China - Guangzhou
Length: 4 hours


  • Sample the city’s best and most authentic Cantonese snacks
  • Discover local artisans‘ shops where jade and brass handcrafts are made and sold
  • Pay a visit to a 1,500-year-old Buddhist temple
  • Experience traditional life of the old city in Guangzhou


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