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  • Urban Adventures is about a new style of travel experience for those who want to get off the beaten path and really connect with a destination. The experience can be as short as a couple of hours, or a whole day, but in every case our Urban Adventures tours take travellers to interesting places to meet locals, and to really see what makes a place tick.

    We are a division of Intrepid Travel, a leading experiential tour company to over 70,000 travellers annually.

    Urban Adventures About Us

  • At Urban Adventures, we firmly believe local travel is one of the best ways we can support responsible tourism. In fact, we believe it so strongly that we’ve made it our entire business! All our tours are run by local experts, not some faceless corporate team located halfway around the world with no sense of the local vibe.

    We craft our tours to ensure every traveller has authentic interactions with local people, businesses, transportation, and food and drink. Local travel gives you the opportunity to experience a destination as locals do, and has the potential to impact you in ways you never imagined. In short: local is awesome.

    As a responsible travel company, we promise to:

    • Use locally owned infrastructure on our tours whenever possible.
    • Spread the financial benefits amongst local people and operators.
    • Provide employment and leadership opportunities for local people.
    • Respect local customs and culture.
    • Provide safe tours for Urban Adventure partners, staff, and travellers.
    • Educate travellers and our partners about how and why we choose to travel this way.
    • Limit any negative impact to the daily lifestyles of local people.
    • Limit any physical impact on natural and cultural environments.
    • Provide support to organisations and local communities.
    • Provide opportunities for travellers to interact with local people.
    • Actively ban partners, staff, and passenger participation in or endorsement of commercial sexual activities or illegal drug use on Urban Adventures tours.
    • Work to prevent the exploitation of children in tourism.
    • Actively discourage participation in activities that exploit animals.
    • Use local partners that adhere to Urban Adventures' responsible travel principles.
    • Support and encourage fair employment practices.
    • Give our travellers the best possible value.
    • Have fun!

    As a traveller, we ask that you keep the following in mind:

    • People: Be mindful of the local citizens, and seek understanding through shared experiences. Consider their customs and values while in their homeland, and when in doubt, ask your guide for advice.
    • Environment: Be mindful of the local environment, and act with conservation and sustainability in mind. Follow local guidelines, as recommended by your guide, and make proactive decisions on your own.
    • Culture: When travelling to other cultures, remember that not everyone's customs are the same as yours at home. Be respectful, and be mindful of openly questioning a customary practice, even if you disagree with it. Try to understand from their perspective. You may learn something! Your guide will be an excellent point of reference here, so check with them if you're unsure.
    • Economy: Make every effort to use local businesses and put your tourism dollars in the right (local) pocket. We use local vendors and businesses, and your guide will be able to advise you on the best ways to support the local economy.

    For more suggestions on how to be a responsible traveller check out our top 12 responsible travel tips, or check out what our friends at Intrepid have to say.

    Tony Carne, General Manager
    Melbourne, Australia

    Tony became our big cheese in October 2011, after spending a few months as the Digital Marketing Manager. With a house in Nicaragua, business interests in Turkey, and married on a Red Sea beach in Egypt, our General Manager Tony is truly a global citizen. When not travelling, he is dreaming about travelling, talking about travelling, and seeking out the authentic flavours of the world in his home city of Melbourne.

    Klaudija Janzelj, Global Sales Manager
    London, England

    Klaudija has been with Urban Adventures since the beginning! Originally from Slovenia, our Global Sales Manager Klaudija recently relocated to London. Klaudija began a career in journalism in Slovenia, but soon realised she needed a change and switched to tourism. Thus far she's lived in Turkey, Tunisia, the Czech Republic, South Africa, Vietnam, and Thailand. Klaudija's life revolves around her love of travel and hanging with local people, drinking a beer (or coffee, or tea) and just chatting about local weather and local families.

    Lindsay Young, Digital Marketing Manager
    Toronto, Canada

    Lindsay joined the Urban Adventures team in March 2011, and originally worked in business development before stepping into the digital role in December 2011. After what feels like forever, Lindsay is finally back living in her beloved hometown of Toronto. She spent six years living in Vancouver and a year living in England, and while she was away she nabbed a BA in Geography and an MSc in Tourism Management. Her favourite travel experiences usually involve local elements, and while travelling you can almost always find her eating cheese, drinking wine, keeping active, and trying to speak the local language. So far, Lindsay has visited over 40 countries, and her favourites include Iceland, Hong Kong, Croatia, and Canada (of course!).

    Ha Nguyen – Finance Manager
    Hanoi, Vietnam

    Ha was Urban Adventures’ very first employee! Ha lives just west of Hanoi, Vietnam, in a mountainous area called Son Tay Town. When she’s not working, her favourite things to do are practicing yoga and having coffee with friends.

    Louise Ferguson – Community & Acquisition Manager
    Toronto, Canada

    After three years with Intrepid Travel in Melbourne, Louise made the big move to Toronto to join the Urban Adventures team in October 2014. After six years working as a marketer in the tourism industry Louise literally eats, sleeps, breathes and even dreams travel and as the Community and Acquisition Manager Louise loves nothing more than sharing travel experiences and making new friends on Urban Adventures, wherever she may be in the world. As a New Zealand born “Kiwi” and being from such a small country Louise’s best travel experiences come from getting lost in big cities and her favorite so far include New York, Paris, Tokyo, Bangkok, Singapore and Ho Chi Minh City. As a self-proclaimed foodie, you’ll find Louise sussing out the best street food, getting lost on local transport, or tucked up in a local café or bar watching daily life go by, whether she is at home or travelling.

    Tammy Burns – Content Marketing Specialist
    Toronto, Canada

    Tammy joined the Urban Adventures team in the summer of 2014, in a role that lets her combine her two favourite things: storytelling and travel! Before her marketing days, Tammy worked in publishing as an editor and writer for various magazines, newspapers, and websites (her coolest gig: reporting live from an erupting volcano in Iceland). Her love of food, beer, and travel — and particularly, eating food and drinking beer while travelling — not only fuelled most of her writing career, but also led her to first learning about Urban Adventures tours in her hometown of Toronto. Her travels have taken her to 5 continents, and while she’s never met a city she didn’t like, her favourites are Reykjavik, Havana, Hoi An, and Melbourne.

    Sarah Barrable-Tishauer – Digital Marketing Coordinator
    Toronto, Canada

    Sarah jumped on the newly expanded Urban Adventures marketing team in May 2014. With a 10-year professional acting career, Communications and Computation Arts degree from Concordia University in Montreal, extensive volunteerism experience, and freelance web business, Sarah is a bit of a Swiss Army knife. She loves engaging her diverse background to bring the Urban Adventures brand to life online. Since she got her first passports (Canadian and British) at the tender age of 18 months, Sarah hasn’t stopped travelling. She’s been to every continent (except Antarctica), led a group of youth to India for a Free the Children community project, and recently earned her PADI scuba certificate in the Pitons of St Lucia. Never bored and always wanderlusting, Sarah loves to explore the world through taste, music, and local life!

    Sang Minh – Product & Training Coordinator
    Hanoi, Vietnam

    Sang Minh, our Product Coordinator, is a native of Hanoi, Vietnam. She joined the Urban Adventures team in October 2011, and much like the rest of the team, she is an avid traveller, and particularly enjoys discovering local culture and customs when exploring a new destination. In addition to travelling, Sang enjoys cooking and trying recipes from other cultures.

    Thu Hang – Global Sales Coordinator
    Hanoi, Vietnam

    Hang joined the Urban Adventures team in December 2013. Before that, Hang worked as a tour operator/sales executive for more than six years before wanting something new and different. Hang was born and raised in Hanoi, and still lives there. Some of her favourite things to do in the city are wandering the small alleys of the Old Quarter, exploring the bustling local markets, or sipping hot tea and enjoying some street food. Hang likes to ride out to the countryside to go chat with locals in traditional villages, and she also enjoys travelling, reading, and art.

    Ngoc Ha Nguyen – Product Coordinator
    Hanoi, Vietnam

    Ha joined the Urban Adventures team in July 2012. She's really pleased to be working with Urban Adventures, especially because travel is a big passion of hers. Ha's dream is to travel around the world. In her spare time, Ha enjoys reading, chatting, shopping, and going out with her friends and family on the weekends. She's also a big dog lover, and considers them to be intelligent, friendly, loyal, and a best friend.

    Mai Anh – Sales Support
    Hanoi, Vietnam

    Mai Anh joined the Urban Adventures team in April 2013, after working for years as a freelance tour guide and tour operator. Born and raised in Hanoi, Mai Anh loves travelling, and wishes to visit as many places in the world that she can. When travelling, she enjoys traditional culture and food, and understanding local people and local life.

    Hoa La – Finance Assistant
    Hanoi, Vietnam

    Hoa joined the Urban Adventures team in September 2014 as Accounting Assistant. Originally from Son Tay Town, near Hanoi, Vietnam, Hoa is married and now lives in Hanoi. Her hobbies include cooking and listening to music, and in her free time she likes to shop. Hoa’s dream is to travel the world.

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  • Urban Adventures' head office team is not currently hiring. Please check back often for new opportunities.

    If you are interested in launching Urban Adventures in your destination, please visit our Become a Local Partner page for more information.

    If you are interested in hosting travellers in your home for a home cooked meal, please visit our Become a Home Cooked Host page for more information.

    If you are interested in selling or promoting Urban Adventures tour, please visit our Become an Agent or Become an Affiliate pages for more information.

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  • Help! I'm having problems with your website!

    Please contact us at info@urbanadventures.com with a screen grab of your problem and we'll get back to you right away.

    How big are your tour groups?

    We're all about getting into the places big tours can't do, so our tours have a maximum group size of 12 people. This way, we don't overwhelm the destination and you're able to have a real experience and immerse yourself in the local environment. On extremely rare occasions there may be slightly more travellers, but in these cases we will try to contact you beforehand to let you know.

    Do tours need a minimum number of travellers before they depart?

    Nope! Our tours are guaranteed to depart, even with just one passenger. So you could get us all to yourself! Lucky you... However, if you are the only person and would like to move to another day when there are other passengers, please email us info@urbanadventures.com.

    How physically demanding is my tour?

    We provide physical ratings for each of our tours, ranging from an easy low to an active high. The physical rating for each trip is listed on our website with the full trip details.

    Are your tours accessible for people with physical disabilities?

    We try to make our tours accessible whenever we can, but unfortunately, some destinations may be challenging for those with wheelchairs or other assistive devices. Check the accessibility and physical rating for each trip, which are listed with the full trip details on our website.

    Are children welcome on my tour?

    Selected tours allow children, and will specify this in the tour description. The minimum age for these trips is listed under the trip details on the website. For tours that are listed as child-friendly, toddlers and babies are free of charge. However, if you require a stroller, please check that the tour is also listed as accessible.

    Do you cater for dietary requirements on food tours?

    We can cater for dietary requirements on most tours, provided you advise us in advance. When you book your trip, please make a note that you need a modified menu. Our leaders will do everything in their power to ensure your needs are met. Please note, though, that in some destinations there may be limited or no options for dietary needs.

    What if I am late or miss the start of my tour?

    We recommend you allow plenty of time to arrive early for your tour, especially when you are in a new destination where transport can take longer than expected. Because we want to ensure our other guests can still enjoy their tour, our guides will only wait a maximum of 15 minutes for you to arrive. Unfortunately, if you are later than, this the tour will start without you and you will not be entitled to a refund, as per our terms and conditions.

    What is the starting point for my tour? Can I be picked up?

    The tour meeting point is listed on both your voucher and on the tour page on the website. Only selected tours provide a pick-up from your hotel. This is because we want you to spend your time touring, not doing pick-ups. Yawn, right? If your tour does not include a pick-up, you will need to arrange your own transportation.

    Do you run private tours?

    We provide custom tours in selected destinations. These tours are based on our standard itineraries but allow you to work with the local guide directly so you customise your tour to be exactly the adventure you want. If you have a large group and wish to book a full departure, email us at info@urbanadventures.com and we'll work something out.

    Will tours be cancelled in bad weather?

    We don't want you to miss out on your tour just because of a little rain so most tours will go ahead in all weather conditions. However, if tours are cancelled under extreme circumstances, your leader will contact you to move your tour to another day. For that reason, please make sure your booking includes a phone number or email address where we can contact you while you're travelling.

    Will I get a confirmation from Urban Adventures after I've made a booking?

    We'll send you instant confirmation of your trip via email. You'll get a voucher with a 5-digit reference number - please use this number if you need to message us about your booking (helps to keep us organized). If you don't receive your confirmation within 24 hours of booking, please contact us at info@urbanadventures.com and we'll fix it for you.

    Do I need to re-confirm my Urban Adventure?

    Some of our destinations request that you get in touch with the local operator of your Urban Adventures tour 24 hours prior to your tour to confirm the details. Some destinations do not require 24 hour confirmation. This will be indicated on your tour confirmation voucher and local operator contact information will also be on your voucher.

    Do I need to take my voucher on my Urban Adventure?

    Yes, you'll need to present your voucher to your guide at the beginning of your trip as proof of your booking. We recommend you bring it as an electronic version on your smartphone so you don't lose it (and so you save the trees!). If there is an age restriction on your trip you may need to provide personal ID that proves your and your fellow travellers' ages.

    Can I make changes to an existing booking?

    You can log into your booking under the 'Log in' section on the Urban Adventures home page using your email address and reference number. From there, you can make changes to your existing booking. This includes adding extra people to your booking. Your request will then be sent to our local partner, who will aim to respond within 24 hours. To ensure we don't miss your request, if you need to make changes within 48 hours of the tour start time, you'll need to call the local operator directly to confirm these changes. The contact details for your local operator will be in your booking voucher.

    What if I need to cancel?

    Why would you want to cancel?! Okay, okay, we know sometimes things come up, so we'll let you cancel if you need to. But it will make us very sad. You can cancel your Urban Adventure up to 48 hours prior to the tour's start time. But because our guides are busy people too, any cancellations made after that window are subject to a 100% cancellation fee, as per our terms and conditions.

    How do I cancel my booking?

    You can log into your booking under the 'Log in' section on the Urban Adventures home page using your email address and reference number. From there, you can cancel your booking, and your request will be sent to our local partner, who will aim to respond within 24 hours. If you need to cancel within 48 hours of your departure date, you will need to call the local operator directly to confirm. Their contact details will be in your booking voucher. Please be aware that cancellations within 48 hours of departure will incur a 100% cancellation charge, as per our terms and conditions. Tough love, friends.

    What if I have problems during my adventure?

    Please talk to your guide. Our guides are well trained in running all adventures in a safe manner. If you have any safety or other personal concerns, your guide will be able to provide assistance. If for any reason you are not happy with the outcome, please add this to your feedback, or contact us at info@urbanadventures.com.

    Is tipping common in other parts of the world?

    Yes, tipping is commonplace in most parts of the world, particularly in the service industry (that includes tour guides!). Although our trips are inclusive of all costs and we ensure our guides and local staff are paid fairly, tips are always welcome.

    Where's my gift certificate? I didn't receive my gift certificate!

    First, let's just say good on you for gifting a gift certificate. You are a good friend! You should have received instant confirmation of your gift voucher via email to send on to your friend. If you haven't received your gift certificate, please email us at info@urbanadventures.com.

    How do I provide feedback after my Urban Adventure?

    After your adventure, you'll get an email asking for your feedback. If for some reason you don't receive a feedback email, you can also provide feedback on our website by logging in to your booking in the Log In section (top right corner of the site) using your email address and reference number. From there, you can find your previous tours and provide feedback by clicking the 'provide feedback' link. We welcome all comments, and appreciate you taking the time to respond. We're always re-evaluating our tours to offer the best experience, and your feedback helps us immensely. You can also contact us by email at info@urbanadventures.com.

    Can I share my experience and photos with UA after my trip?

    Yes, please! If you have had the Best. Day. Ever with us, we want to know! If you have photos you would like to submit to Urban Adventures, please send an email to info@urbanadventures.com or share them on our Facebook page. As well, if you're an Instagrammer, don't forget to tag your photos with #localsknow so we can see them. If your 'grams are really awesome, you might even win a free Urban Adventures tour!

    How can I stay in touch Urban Adventures?

    You like us! We like you, too. You can keep in touch by signing up for our newsletter, which comes out twice a month and is full of travel tips and exclusive deals and discounts. (We promise to never be spammy.) Or you can friend us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Google+. We'd love that.