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Discover the world’s living history book by travelling to Cairo and exploring this mesmerising city with a local. The infamous sights are undeniable beautiful, but if you want to be packed with plenty of ‘did you knows’ about Cairo, seeing it with a local is a must. Don’t let your Cairo travel experience read like something out of a guidebook – travel with a local to go behind the scenes in this incredible city.


Exciting and noticeably cosmopolitan, Nairobi is the social hub of East Africa, and Nairobi Urban Adventures provides your VIP ticket into the heart of it. Our one of a kind Nairobi tours offer the ideal way of getting out and experiencing the sights, smells, and sounds of this vibrant city and its surroundings, uncovering the real character and people of the ever-fascinating Nairobi.


Ah, Casablanca. The city is famed for its art deco buildings, old medina and, of course, a very well-known movie. It’s admittedly a more modern city than you may expect from your black-and-white fantasies, but it’s still a place you’ll want to linger and where you can discover the modern side of Morocco. Spend your day wandering the city walls, browsing the old (and new) medina, exploring the beach, then chilling out with a mint tea in a café. You’ll quickly fall in love with Moroccan life and want to ‘play it again’ the next day.

Travel to Marrakech enriches all the senses – from the hoots and whistles of the bustling streets, the beautiful architecture, and the tantalising smells coming from all that delicious food. Marrakech is a destination so close to Europe, yet so foreign and different. Journey through the pink city with a local, and step back in time on our Marrakech tours that explore life in the medina as it has been for hundreds of years.

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