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To visit Delhi is to treat and torture your senses both at the same time. With so much going on in this chaotic, explosive city, a local guide should almost be a requirement. Join a local on one of our tours in Delhi to see the sights, taste the bites, and discover just what it is that makes the incredible city of New Delhi tick.


Oh, beautiful Bali. With your cliffside temples, colourful festivals, gorgeous beaches, and kind, caring culture, is there any place on Earth more romantic? Surf fanatics, adventure hunters, honeymooning couples, culture junkies, spiritual seekers, and party-loving backpackers all adore this Indonesian island that defines paradise. Hit the wild waves of Kuta or explore the rich arts scene of Ubud, head north to hike the volcanic trails of Batur or Agung or visit the Balinese Hindu temples that celebrate a religion found nowhere else in the world.


Travel to Kyoto and unlock the secrets of this magical city with a local guide. Whether you love to venture through a destination by pedal or as a pedestrian, our handmade local Kyoto tours will show you what it is to live and work in one of the most culturally divine cities in Japan.

Tokyo may as well be the definition of the word ‘city’. The monumental capital of Japan is teeming with life, and if you don’t have a local to show you round you’ll probably miss most of it. Visit Tokyo with Urban Adventures to discover a slice of live in this mega-metropolis, and discover what it’s like to live in Tokyo. We’re especially infatuated with the cuisine, so if you’re foodie, pay attention!


Prepare yourself for a sensory overload, because Kathmandu is the very definition. At every turn you encounter rich culture, hidden temples, colourful bazaars, and the friendliest, warmest of welcomes. Travel to Kathmandu with Urban Adventures to see the incredible Kathmandu with a local. Whether you’re an urban explorer or intrepid adrenaline junkie, we’ve got just the Kathmandu tour for you.


Dodge the typical tourist traps and adventure Bangkok with our local guides as they show you the unique sights, hidden gems, and busy back streets of the ‘Venice of the East’. Our tours in Bangkok explore the back streets by bike, the markets of Chinatown by foot, and canals by longtail boat. You’ll leave the city filled with local Bangkok knowledge, and know more about this dynamic metropolis than any other tourist in town.


Love it or loathe it, there’s no denying it — Hanoi is intense. Think street vendors calling, horns honking, and webs of traffic like you’ve never experienced. But dig beneath the crowds and chaos and you’ll find an enchanting city where a rich history melds with a complicated modernity. From Parisian architecture to busy markets to ancient temples to Communist landmarks, Hanoi has it all wrapped up in a package of sensory overload. Explore the city on a Hanoi tour and get the local scoop on this much-loved destination.

For most travellers, Ho Chi Minh City (affectionately still called Saigon by locals) is primarily the gateway to the Mekong Delta and nearby Cu Chi Tunnels — both of which we highly recommend — but there are also lots of fantastic things to explore within the city limits. From the heartbreaking War Remnants Museum to luxe shopping strips, gourmet restaurants to delectable street stalls, HCMC is a taste of all Vietnam has to offer. Get the local experience downtown or in the countryside on a Ho Chi Minh tour.

Oh Hoi An, how we love thee. This pretty city — seemingly too charming to be real — is the place you see in your daydreams when you think of Vietnam. From wandering the narrow streets of the ancient town (a UNESCO Heritage site), to biking past rice paddies in the countryside, to taking one of the region’s delectable cooking classes, there’s no shortage of things to see and do in Hoi An. But if you need some help narrowing it down, we can guide you on one of our Hoi An city tours.

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