Central America and Carribean Day Tours


Havana’s often described as being trapped in a time warp, thanks to the cool retro cars prowling the streets and the crumbling mix of colonial and art deco design. But while we love the vintage vibe of Havana, the city also has so much more to explore in the here and now. Take a Havana city tour that will expose you to Afro-Cuban religion, show you the broken beauty that defines the city’s spectacular, UNESCO-designated architecture, and teach you about what remains today of la Revolución. Then finish it all off, of course, with a mojito in la Habana Vieja.

Costa Rica

With a tagline like ‘Pura Vida’, you can’t really go wrong with Costa Rica. Get into the swing of pure life on a San Jose tour with Urban Adventures to discover life as the locals know it in the Costa Rican capital. Journey through rainforests, cycle through suburbs, and sample some of Costa Rica’s finest exports – coffee and chocolate.


Explore ancient ruins, local markets, delicious cuisine, traditional mariachi, and even Lucha Libre Mexican wrestling! Many visit Mexico to do a number of these things, but with an Urban Adventures Mexico City tour, you'll discover all of this in the best way possible - with a local. Whether you’re into venturing through Mexico’s history, just kicking back in a cantina with new friends, or screaming at grown men in wrestling masks, we’ll surely not disappoint.

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