Bucharest: Hidden Old Town Tour

Immerse yourself in the Old Town of Bucharest and explore historic squares, meander through pretty churches, and wander along idyllic, winding streets that exude a timeless charm. Uncover secret passages that unveil the city's best-kept secrets, offering glimpses into its rich history and cultural tapestry. Delight in anecdotes from the communist times, shedding light on the area's intriguing past. And no visit is complete without indulging in Romania's most iconic pastry, a delectable treat that perfectly complements your exploration of this captivating enclave.


  • Wonder the enchanting, cobbled streets of Bucharest's Old Town, the oldest historical district steeped in a rich legacy that spans over 600 years. 
  • Taste one of the best Covrigi in town. 
  • Find one of the famous moved churches and its amazing story. 
  • Discover a theatre hidden inside a hospital. 
  • Explore Old Town from a different angle. 
  • Stumble upon the ruins of the medieval castle, once the seat of the world-famous Vlad Tepes.  

Local English-speaking guide
1 local pastry (covrig)
Additional food and drink
Tip and gratuities for your guide
Important Information
What is included in the tour?

Local English-speaking guide, 1 local pastry (covrig)

What isn't included in the tour?

Additional food and drink, tip and gratuities for your guide

Where do we meet?

In the University Square, in front of the statue of Michael the Brave (the only horse statue in the square)

Where does the tour end?

Unirii Square

What is the duration of the tour?

2 hours

What is the group size for this tour?

The maximum number of people on this tour will be 12 passengers.. The private tour is priced for a minimum group size of two travellers. A solo traveller may still book this private experience but will be charged the base rate for two travellers.

Are there any Covid-19 vaccination requirements?

While we strongly recommend that all travellers are vaccinated against COVID-19 to reduce the risk of transmission and avoid putting undue strain on healthcare services, vaccinations are not a requirement to join an Intrepid Urban Adventures tour. For further information, please review COVID-19 Health & Safety at https://www.urbanadventures.com/en/about-us/covid-19-customer-info

What if I can't find my guide?

If you have any issues on the day of your tour, please call +40744422522.

Can I cancel my tour?

Free cancellation up to 24 hours before activity.


Welcome to Old Town, Bucharest's hot spot! Our tour begins opposite a quintessential local landmark: The Bucharest University building. We'll start to enter the quarter proper with a stop in front of the Russian Church. It's golden cupolas and wedding cake appearance mask some truly heroic stories from the 1989 Revolution, that you'll hear on the tour. After it's time for a little treasure hunt. Hidden in a small alley we have our own version of Lady Liberty. Can you spot it? Our adventure continues at the iconic Linden Tree Inn, a quaint establishment steeped in centuries of tradition and hospitality now a one-stop-spot for all aspiring artists in search of art supplies.  As we wander further, we'll encounter the grandeur of the former "Bucharest" Department Store, a symbol of the city's bustling commerce and vibrant energy. Nearby stands the majestic Wolf Statue, depicting the legendary tale of Romulus and Remus, a testament to Bucharest's ancient roots. Our path leads us to the serene beauty of St. George Old Church, a hidden gem adorned with exquisite architectural details and sacred history. Adjacent, the Baratiei Church stands as a beacon of spiritual solace amidst the bustling streets. Delving into the city's past, we'll learn about the harrowing events of The Great Fire, a pivotal moment in Bucharest's history that shaped its landscape and resilience. Nearby, the towering spires of St. Anton Church rise proudly, offering solace and sanctuary to generations of worshippers. As we navigate Covaci Street, once bustling with the vibrant trade of artisans and craftsmen, we'll uncover traces of its storied past, now overshadowed by the scars of demolitions during the communist era. Our journey continues with a visit to the illustrious Comedy Theatre, were laughter and entertainment reign supreme, a testament to Bucharest's cultural vibrancy. We'll stroll along French Street, adorned with charming cafes and boutiques, evoking a sense of Parisian allure amidst the Romanian capital. Finally, we'll marvel at the History Museum from a unique angle, offering a fresh perspective on Bucharest's rich tapestry of heritage and evolution. Join us as we unravel the layers of history and beauty nestled within the heart of Bucharest's Old Town, where every corner tells a story waiting to be discovered.

  • We reserve the right to change both the route and places visited within the tour. Food inclusions are subject to change, dependent on availability on the day.
  • Bucharest: Hidden Old Town Tour
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