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Karl Kraus once said, “The streets of Vienna are paved with culture. Streets of other cities with asphalt.” This imperial gem represents an extraordinarily romantic marriage of architectural grandeur and cutting-edge style on the banks of the blue Danube. From world-class opera and classical music to an opulent coffeehouse culture, glorious parks, and a food scene that is positively buzzing, Vienna is a city to be celebrated and savoured. After a day of taking in all the incredible sights and tastes, you will be singing ‘Oh Vienna!’ before you know it.


Those who seek paradise on Earth must come to Dubrovnik,​ so wrote a smitten George Bernard Shaw after a visit to the Dalmatian Coast nearly one hundred years a go. Very little has changed since then (except for the increasing numbers of visitors each year thanks a lot Game of Thrones). The gateway to the stunning Dalmatian Coast with its picture-perfect islets, renaissance parks and sprawling lemon and orange groves, all waiting to be explored.

Known to in-the-know travellers for years as the gateway to some of Croatia's most breath-taking islands (hello Hvar!), Split has enjoyed a deserving renaissance recently as a city break destination in its own right. Offering visitors a fantastically atmospheric old centre to explore that has grown within the walls of an Ancient Roman palace (it's a UNESCO World Heritage site, no less).


From the back streets to the bakeries, there is something to delight the senses around every corner in Paris. Jump on a Paris tour with Urban Adventures to discover the most visited city in the world from a different angle. Once you see the city from a local eye, you’ll leave Paris with lifelong memories (and, more importantly, memories that are different from the other 27 million people who visit Paris each year!).


There are plenty of things to do in Athens, we all know that. But do you know what the locals do? Discover the Greek city of wonders with a local guide to gain some fresh perspective on an otherwise well-beaten path. Not merely catered for history buffs, these Athens tours also discover the very best in food and culture in this, one of the most ancient cities on Earth.


From tasting the distinctive flavours of Tuscany on a wine adventure, to discovering the local secrets behind the city's cuisine on a Florence food tour, these Florence tours get you in touch with this mesmerising Italian city in the best way possible - with a local. Get ready to loosen those belt loops...

As one of the world's most famous destinations, Venice is just made to be explored. Consisting of 118 islands and 150 canals, there’s certainly plenty of ground (and water!) to cover. Our Venice tours are designed to show you the very best things to do in Venice, from tapas and wine, to the beautiful landmarks in all their glory. Venture through Venice with a local to discover this unique Italian gem.


Bucharest just might be Eastern Europe’s best kept secret. “Little Paris,” as it was called by the first travellers, combines French sophistication with true Balkan passion for a bit of chaos and a whole lot of culture (and delicious food!). Few other cities better embody the wonderful clash of East and West, with plenty of friendly, loud, and colourful locals ready to welcome you.


A melting pot of traditional Catalan culture and international trends, city life and beach bum bliss, Gaudi gothic architecture and modern buildings with a twist, Barcelona is nothing if not one of the most dynamic, varied, and vibrant cities in Europe. Join an Urban Adventures Barcelona tour to connect with the people who truly know where Barcelona’s heart and soul lies – the locals.

As a city that’s as timeless as it is modern, and as vibrant and energetic as it is quietly charming, Madrid is a city you absolutely must see if you’re travelling to Spain. From food to flamenco, discover all the different sides to the incredible Spanish capital on a unique, local tour with Urban Adventures.


Byzantium, Constantinople, Stamboul, Istanbul… It may seem like this city has had a bit of an identity crisis, but when you’ve lived for 2,500 years, you’re bound to go through a few reincarnations. Yet, no matter what name this bi-continental city has taken, its ability to dazzle has remained the same. From the exotic Spice Bazaar to incredible skylines dotted with minarets to the breathtaking Bosphorus, it’s no wonder Istanbul enchants all who visit. And while you’ll have no trouble finding plenty of nooks and crannies to explore, we recommend checking out the local scene with an Istanbul city tour.

United Kingdom

London is a leading global city and the most-visited destination in the world. With its diverse cultures and communities, buzzing nightlife, museums, and tourist attractions it’s no wonder that the saying goes, ‘If you’re bored of London, you’re bored with life.’

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