Havana Murals & Mosaics: Community Projects Tour

Cuba is a country rich in culture and community. After decades of struggle since the US embargo, locals have looked to each other for support, and used art as a way to express both their hopes and frustrations. On this Havana art tour, we’ll meet some of the people who are committed to making their local communities better, while learning about the different arts projects that are breathing life into their neighbourhoods.

Local English-speaking guide
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Special drink
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What is included in the tour?

Local English-speaking guide, transportation to all included activities, lunch, special drink

What isn't included in the tour?

Additional food and drinks, tips/gratuities for your guide, transportation to and from the meeting point/endpoint

Where do we meet?

La Gargola Guesthouse, 82 Calle Cuba (between Cuarteles and Chacon streets), first floor (up the stairs, blue door)

Where does the tour end?

La Gargola Guesthouse

What is the duration of the tour?

3.5 hours

What is the group size for this tour?

For shared tours, the maximum group number will be 12 passengers. For private tours, there must be a minimum of 2 passengers. A solo traveller may still book a private experience, but they will be charged a base rate for two travellers.

Are there any Covid-19 vaccination requirements?

While we strongly recommend that all travellers are vaccinated against COVID-19 to reduce the risk of transmission and avoid putting undue strain on healthcare services, vaccinations are not a requirement to join an Urban Adventures tour. For further information, please review COVID-19 Health & Safety at https://www.urbanadventures.com/en/about-us/covid-19-customer-info

What if I can't find my guide?

If you have any issues on the day of your tour, please call +53 53338121

Can I cancel my tour?

Free cancellation up to 24 hours before activity.


Local Impact: How you will help the local community by joining this tour: Art is an important part of Cuban culture, and local artists have long used their works to express themselves amid political upheaval, economic struggles and cultural changes. This Havana tour explores the works of some of the country’s most renowned artists, who are using art projects to support and revitalise their communities. We’ll start our Havana art tour with a walk through Barber’s Alley, an alleyway that’s home to a fantastic street art project, as well as various independently owned pubs and restaurants. It used to be that Cubans weren’t allowed to own their own businesses, but today, under new regulations, budding entrepreneurs are opening up shops in areas such as this alley. As we wander, you’ll hear the story of local man Papito, who is the founder of this particular community project. Once a barber, Papito was concerned about the at-risk youth in his neighbourhood and wanted to give them the means to make a living and stay out of trouble. So, he gave them the opportunity to become barbers and hairdressers, by creating a school for the community. We’ll visit his house, which is still a barber shop, but also a museum with an exhibit on traditional hair services. In addition to opening his school, Papito is also known for changing the face of “the ugliest street in Havana.” He encouraged his neighbours to help revitalise the alleyway by opening local private businesses that could bring revenue into the community. Papito recruited a popular young local artist, Yulier P., to paint the alleyway, featuring lots of artwork inspired by hairdressers. We’ll then hop into a taxi or private bus (depending on the size of our group) and head to the eye-popping Fusterlandia in the Jaimanitas neighbourhood. This community project is by a successful local artist, Jose Fuster, who began decorating the houses in his neighbourhood with pieces of ceramic tiles. The project began in the ‘90s, during a serious economic crisis in Cuba, and what started as a few tiles has turned into one of the most intricate mosaic displays you’ll see anywhere. Inspired by the Spanish muralist Gaudi, Fuster is today considered the “Cuban Picasso,” and the displays he has created at Fusterlandia are truly mind-bending — Instagram alert! You’ll get to hear Fuster’s story and visit his intricately designed mosaic house and art gallery, and perhaps even meet a member of his family. Lastly, we’ll drive to Muraleando in the Lawton neighbourhood. This cultural program features a group of local artists and is directed by Manuel Mario Diaz Baldrich, with different workshops and activities for children, teenagers and the elderly. Locals can sign up for sessions covering music, dance, theatre, painting, ceramics and sculpture out of recycled materials. Take a look around and you’ll find wall murals around the neighbourhood from locals and visiting artists — even a piece by “Peanuts” creator Charles Schulz! After touring the community with one of the residents, we’ll enjoy some live music by a local band along with a traditional Cuban lunch and a special local drink. Our tour will end back where we started, but before you go, be sure to ask your local guide for other tips on things to see and do in Havana.

Havana Murals & Mosaics: Community Projects Tour
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