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It'll probably overwhelm you and maybe confuse you, but Jakarta will also certainly charm you. That's because amid the chaos of this bustling city, there's rich culture to be found, fascinating history to uncover, and delicious food to eat! Explore this melting pot of Melayu, Indian, Arab, and Chinese traditions that's unlike anywhere you've ever been.

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 Jakarta Chinatown Discovery, Jakarta tour
From USD 43.00
Jakarta Chinatown Discovery
from 4 reviews
Location: Indonesia - Jakarta
Length: 3 hours


  • Explore the largest Chinatown in Indonesia with a local expert
  • Visit Jakarta’s oldest Chinese houses sandwiched between modern office blocks
  • Peruse a traditional market and check out some ancient temples to learn how locals pray
  • Stroll through a local neighbourhood to see how traditional Chinese arts, like calligraphy and fortune-telling, are still being practiced
  • Sample a few local delicacies at the famous food court  and old coffeehouse

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