Essaouira Day Tours, with a local

We love Morocco, no doubt about that. However, sometimes the big cities can get a little overwhelming. The coastal paradise of Essaouira is like a breath of fresh air, and venturing through its magical streets with a local is the best way to explore it. On one of our Essaouira tours, we’ll take you to the cute pastry shops and hidden nooks and crannies that aren’t even common knowledge to the residents! 

Want to create your own customised Best. Day. Ever? Something totally unique and special and tailored just for you and your friends and family? Well, you're in luck - we offer bespoke tours too! Just enter your info into our Create Your Own request form, and let us know how we can give you your own perfect Urban Adventure.

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 Essaouira Insider,  Essaouira tour
From USD 45.86
Essaouira Food & Culture
from 5 reviews
Location: Morocco - Essaouira
Length: 4 hours


  • Head off the beaten path and discover local life in Essaouira
  • Sample pastries from the city’s oldest bakery and grill fresh fish at the local market
  • Climb a historic watchtower for a 360-degree view of the port, ocean, and city
  • Visit a local artist’s studio in the medina to appreciate authentic Moroccan artwork
  • Meet a traditional herbalist and taste his expertly-mixed exotic tea

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Gnawa Music Experience, Essaouira tour
From USD 71.58
Gnawa Music Experience
from 2 reviews
Location: Morocco - Essaouira
Length: 2.5 - 3 hours


  • Explore the sacred Gnawa traditions and sites with a local musician guide
  • Meet a local kuyu (Gnawa dancer) for a dance presentation and display of their traditional garments
  • Learn the history and craft of the ornate lute-like guembri instrument
  • Join a Gnawa maalem (master) in his private quarters to hear him play the traditional Gnawa melodies
  • Enjoy a cup of Moroccan tea to the sounds of Gnawa fusion at a local music hotspot

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 Essaouira Private Tour,  Essaouira tour
Essaouira Private Tour - Create Your Own
Location: Morocco - Essaouira
Length: TBD


  • Sample the best of Essaouira’s local foods, like tasty Moroccan pastries and fresh catch-of-the-day from the Atlantic
  • Visit a Gnawa master and uncover the cultural history behind traditional Gnawa Music
  • Catch up with local artists and learn the secrets of their unique crafts
  • Discover hidden gems deep in the Medina
  • Experience the rich local music scene and dance to the rhythms of Morocco

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